The Start

“Alexis Unnie! What was… Thonie Unnie!”

Krystal rushed towards Thonie and nudged the unconscious girl.

“Thonie Unnie? Unnie wake up!”

Thonie still laid motionless which made Krystal panic.

“Alexis Unnie! Do something!”

Krystal turned to her Unnie for help but seeing that Alexis was still in the state of shock, she decided to do something herself.

“I’ll call Amber, Alexis Unnie. Stay here with Thonie Unnie.”

Krystal stood up and hurriedly ran outside to look for Thonie’s sister.

A few second after, Alexis woke up from her shocked state. She stared at the unconscious Thonie and decided to approach her. But still not trusting the fallen nemesis, she grabbed a pillow from a nearby chair and held it in front of her. Slowly, she inched towards Thonie and finally slouched down beside her, the pillow still held in front of her face.


No response.

She nudged the unconscious girl.


Slowly, Thonie’s eyes fluttered open…

She turned to make out the blurred image in front of her.


Alexis frowned at what Thonie said and placed the pillow she’s holding, down.

“Thonie? Are you okay?”

Thonie looked up as her vision cleared and saw a blonde girl staring down at her.


Alexis loudly exhaled, relieved that somehow Thonie was okay.

Thonie slowly sat up with the help of Alexis. She winced as she touched the bump on her head.


Seeing that Thonie was in pain. Alexis immediately stood up.

“Wait here. I’ll just get an ice pack.”

Alexis turned around and walked out, leaving Thonie surprised at Alexis’s action and ashamed of herself.

A few minutes after, Alexis came back and handed the ice pack to Thonie who then placed it gently on the bump on the back of her head.

“I went overboard this time, didn’t I?” Thonie slowly said while hanging her head in shame.

Alexis just gritted her teeth at the recollection of what happened earlier that afternoon.

“I’m… sorry…”

Alexis’s head jerked up in surprise and confusion. She looked at Thonie in disbelief. It was the first time that she heard those words coming out of Thonie’s mouth.

Thonie slowly lifted her head and stared straight at Alexis’s eyes.

“I’m… really sorry. I promise not do that… again.”

Lub dub Lub dub Lub dub

Time stopped as they stared into each other’s eyes.

“Unnie! I’m sorry I…” Krystal and Amber suddenly barged in and were surprised at the scene in front of them.

“…had difficulty finding Amber.”

The two newcomers looked at each other before glancing at their unnies who still did not seem to have noticed their arrival as they continued to stare into each other’s eyes.


Amber faked a loud cough to somehow announce their presence. The two unnies were jarred out of their trance because of it and immediately scooted away from each other at the realization of their proximity. They turned their heads towards the sound and found their sisters by the door.



The two unnies said at the same time which caused their two dongsaengs to raise an eyebrow. Thonie and Alexis blushed at the realization and looked down because of the awkward silence. Amber, remembering what they were there for, reverted back to her worried state.

“Ahm Thonie Unnie! Are you okay?”

She approached her sister and fussed over her. Krystal came right behind Amber and worriedly looked at Thonie.

“How’s your head Unnie?”

Thonie just smiled at Krystal as she continued to dab the ice pack on the lump on her head.

“I’m ok you two. Don’t worry. It’s just a small bump. Nothing serious.”

“But you lost consciousness, right Unnie?” Krystal turned to Alexis, asking for confirmation.

Alexis just nodded.

“Yes… she did. But she seemed alright when she woke up though…”

“She’ll lose consciousness after a few minutes so be sure to stay by her side so she’ll see you when she wakes up.”

Krystal stared at the air, dumbfounded at her sudden realization.

“Maybe it was just…”

“I’ll go out for a while, Unnies.” Krystal blurted out, cutting Thonie in mid sentence before leaving in a hurry.

“What happened to Krystal?” Thonie turned left and right, asking the two people beside her. Amber just shook her head while Alexis simply shrugged.

The End

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