The Ruby Colored Liquid

A certain long haired girl was busy mixing a few drops of a ruby colored liquid on a glass of water. She was humming happily while on the kitchen of the Kwon residence. The last drop of the liquid mixed evenly with the water which made the girl smile contentedly.

Finally Amber, you will fall for me.

She then secured the cap of the small bottle back and dropped the bottle on the pocket of her skirt. Suddenly, a voice of a certain someone echoed throughout the house.

“Krystal, I’m going out to buy snacks for us ok?”

These words made the girl in the kitchen, panic.

“Huh? Wait…”

She immediately ran out of the kitchen, holding the glass of “water”…

…only to see the already closed door of the house.

Krystal heaved a sigh.

“Ah well… I guess I’ll just have to wait…”

She was about to return to the kitchen when the door suddenly slammed open. She excitedly turned around only to see Thonie hurriedly running inside.

“Unnie?” Krystal just stared at the newcomer in shock.

“Krystal! What are you…” Thonie’s eyes fell on the glass in Krystal’s hand. She smiled then suddenly grabbed it…

“Unnie! That’s not…”

…and gulped down its content.

“…for you.”

Thonie gave Krystal back the empty glass.

“Thank you.”

She smiled at Krystal and was about to ask her a question when the door suddenly slammed open for the second time and a certain blonde girl’s shout boomed all over the house.


Thonie’s eyes widened in fright as she scampered while Krystal just stood there, transfixed and confused at what was happening.

Alexis entered the house and completely ignored her sister who just remained standing on her spot. She hurriedly ran towards Thonie who was about to close the door of her room and pushed the door with all her might. The door flew open and Alexis stepped in while Thonie slowly stepped back.

“Don’t come near me…” Thonie grabbed a plastic vase and pointed it at the fuming Alexis.

“…or I’ll use this on you!”

Thonie was so busy stepping back and threatening Alexis that she did not notice a ball lying on the floor.


She unknowingly stepped on the ball, slid…


…and hit her head on the bed post… hard.

Alexis’s mouth hung open in shock at what had transpired in front of her.

Thonie was now lying on the floor, motionless.

The End

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