Mortal Enemies

Kwon Thonie and Jung Alexis.

Mortal enemies.

Thonie and Alexis had known each other since childhood. They met on the first day of their first grade classes. First meeting? Four words. Hate at first sight. Alexis hated Thonie because of her cocky attitude. On the other hand, Thonie hated Alexis because of her snobby and cold demeanor. From the very first time that they’ve been classmates and up to now, they’ve always treated each other as nemesis and most of the time, also a competitor. They’ve competed in almost every category possible.

In academics, they frequently snatch from each other, the top spot of the class. They never waste time to show each other how good they are.

 “What is another word synonymous to the word plastic?” The teacher looked around the class and into the excitedly raised hand of one of her students.

“Yes Thonie?”

Thonie stood up and smiled at the teacher.

“Parkesine Miss Seo. Right after the inventor of plastic in 1856, Mr. Alexander Parkes.”

The teacher gave Thonie her rare smile.

“Very good Thonie. Thank you. You may now sit down.”


            “Can anyone please read the French prayer projected on the screen?”

            One of the students lazily raised her hand.

            “Yes Alexis?”

            Alexis stood up and looked at the screen.

            (Notre Pere qui es aux cieux, que ton nom soit sactifei, que ton regne vienne, que ta volante soit faite sur la terre comme an ciel. Donne nous anjourd’hui notre pain de ce jour. Pardonne nous nos offenses, comme nous pardonnons aussi a ceux qui nous ont offenses. Ne nous soumets pas a ala tentation, mais deliver nous du mal. Amen.)

            “Notr pair kee eh o sug, kuh ton non swa sanctifei, kuh ton reigne vienne, kuh tah volonte swa fet soor leh tair kom o see el. Don noo ojoordwee notr pan duh suh joor. Pardon noo no offenses, kom noo pardonnons o see a sug kuh noo on offenses. Nuh noo soumets pa a leh tentation may deleevray noo doo mal. Amang.” Alexis glanced at their teacher who was now smiling while nodding her approval of Alexis’s diction.


In sports, Thonie is the greatest pitcher of the baseball team while Alexis is the team leader of the soccer team. Whenever one of these teams would win a match, the other one would win another match. Thus making their school famous for having the best baseball and soccer teams.

In music, Thonie holds the title of being the best violinist of the school while Alexis holds the title of being the best singer because of her heavenly voice.

These two. They compete with each other in every way they can. They despise each other with so much passion that it could have been considered an art.

The End

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