A raven-haired girl slowly walked towards room 020 of the language building. She glanced right and left and noticed all the students looking at her while talking.

“Is that The Kwon Thonie?” 

“Yes it is! Ah! She’s so beautiful!”

“Isn’t she perfect?”

“She’s intelligent, athletic and gorgeous!”

“Ah! I wish she’ll glance this way!”

Hearing all these, the raven-haired girl gave everyone a smile and a girl a wink as she lightly flipped her hair. This caused the girl to faint and her other fan girls to squeal. She again flashed her killer smile as the boys around her just stare at her in admiration, wishing that someday, they would have the chance to date The Kwon Thonie. Before entering the room, the girl looked back at the crowd behind her and gave them a wink causing another round of fainting, squealing and staring. The girl just chuckled at what she has done as she comfortably sat on one of the chairs in the front row.

“Psh. Such a show off.”

Hearing the voice of a certain ice princess, Thonie turned her head to her left and saw a blonde girl busy reading a book.

“You’re just jealous Jung Alexis because the students love me so much.”

The blonde girl chuckled at what Thonie said. Without tearing her eyes from the book she’s reading, she pointed at the still open door of their room.

“If you haven’t noticed Kwon Thonie, I also have many fans…”

Thonie turned her head towards the door. On the right side of the door, a group of students were swooning and squealing while holding a banner that says, ‘We Love You Jung Alexis!’ while on the right side of the door, another group of students were on the same state while holding a banner that says, ‘We Love You Kwon Thonie!’.

“…I just don’t flirt with them every day.”

The blonde girl glanced at the raven-haired girl on her side and gave her a smirk which caused the latter to clench her fists in anger.

“Why you… Take that back!”

Thonie slammed her fist on the table and narrowed her eyes at the blonde haired girl who went back to reading her book.

“And if I don’t?” Alexis said indifferently as she flipped a page of the book she’s reading.

“You…” Thonie stood up, her face red in anger.

“Is there a problem Miss Kwon?”

Thonie turned towards the source of the voice and found her teacher standing in front of the door of their room. Her black hair was in a neat bun and she was wearing her thick black rimmed glasses. On her right hand was a thick English book. She stared at Thonie intently.

Thonie lowered her gaze and bowed at their teacher.

“There’s… none … Miss Seo.”

“Sit down then Miss Kwon.”

Thonie sat down mumbling to herself as Miss Seo turned around and faced the students outside the room.

“What are you all doing here? Don’t you have classes?”

The students just stared at her in fright as the one in front stuttered for an answer to the teacher’s question.

“We… We have Miss Seo…”

“Then go.” Miss Seo told the students in a strict, serious tone that made them all scamper off in fear.

Finally getting rid of the multitude of students, Miss Seo turned around and walked towards the teacher’s table in front of the class. She placed her book on top of the table and faced her students.

“Good morning class.”

“Good morning Miss Seo.” The class greeted back and bowed in respect.

“Let’s proceed now to today’s lesson. Open your book on page 41…”

The End

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