What will you do if your mortal enemy suddenly adores you?

It was a nice fair day. The sun was not too hot and the wind was blowing occasional cold breezes. The neighborhood was quiet and there were only a few cars passing by. On the corner of a wide alleyway, a certain short-haired girl was busy munching off the biggest hamburger anyone could ever see. In front of her was a little table full of different colored bottles in different sizes. As she was halfway through the enormous hamburger, a loud noise was suddenly heard. The earth shook and the bottles in front of her started to move. The girl just looked at the slightly moving table in front of her and continued munching on her food. A few seconds later, a raven-haired girl suddenly emerged from a corner. She was running really really fast and was leaving a trail of dust behind. Following her was a furious blonde girl who looked like she was going to strangle the raven-haired girl.


            The blonde girl shouted at the girl running from her, the former’s voice reverberating all over the rather wide alleyway and cracking some of the bottles on the table. The short-haired girl’s eyes widened in shock upon seeing what happened to the bottles on her table. She stopped halfway into putting the last piece of hamburger into her mouth and stared at the two girls. She then hurriedly gathered the bottles and placed them in a box just as the two running girls passed by. She heaved a sigh and hugged the box while watching the fleeting figure of the two girls. As the two figures disappeared behind another turn, the short-haired girl gently placed the box down and took out a small clear bottle containing a ruby colored liquid. The liquid sparkled when the rays of the sun touched the bottle. While the short-haired girl was staring at the bottle, a puff of smoke suddenly appeared in front of her. The short-haired girl lifted her head and smiled at the newcomer who was still busy fending off the smoke she created.

“Sunny Bunny!” The short-haired girl shouted and the newcomer looked at the short-haired girl in front of her. She frowned.

“Sooyoungie! I’ve been looking for you!”

The short-haired girl’s smile widened upon hearing the nickname. This made the newcomer raise her eyebrow and look at her incredulously.

“Why are you smiling like that?”

Then, with arms akimbo, she turned her head and looked around her.

“And what are you doing here?”

            A few minutes of silence passed, still hearing no reply from the questioned girl, the newcomer looked back at the now standing girl. The girl was still holding the little bottle in front of her face while eating another hamburger.

            “Yah!” The shorter girl shouted to gain the taller one’s attention. The taller one tore her gaze away from the bottle and looked at the shorter girl with a glint of mischief on her eyes.

            “Paying back a debt…”

            “Debt?” The shorter girl asked, confused at what the other said.

            The taller girl gave back her attention to the vial of red liquid before nodding her head.

            “Yes. An overdue debt.”

The End

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