The potato farmer

A farmer was arrested just at the time when he was supposed to be digging in order to grow potato crops. 

He was sent to prision. There was nobody strong enough to plant the potatoes. Lots of digging was needed.

The farmer´s wife couldn´t cope with the hard work. They had no family to help.

The farmer wrote a letter to his wife. 

He wrote: ´The money and jewels are buried in the backyard`´Take good care of it`

Before the letter was send, it was revised by the judge. 

The judge decided to send some police to the famer´s place.

The police arrived there and knocked at the door.

There was no answer. They decided to force their way in.

As the police entered they found everything in a mess. The clothes and drawers were all scattered aroud the house.

There was nobody in the house. 

The police decided to look for the money and jewels. They dug in the garden for a long while but they didn´t find anything.

They gave up after 3 hours. They also took some finderprints and send them to the lab.

After a week the results were there. The fingerprints belonged to the farmer´s wife. 

In seems as if she had known the police would come for her and took all the money and jewels and left the farm.

(Sergio Picarzo Delmar) (Collaborative storytelling)

The End

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