Some lessons learned; 

1) Don’t fill the backpack with more than you immediately need.

2) Pack the car carefully and put anything that will spoil or be damaged by heat from the sun, deep in the boot. 

I drove up to Exeter for an interview and stayed the night in a B&B; when I plugged my laptop in I discovered a crack right across the screen! It must’ve been on the top of the pile and the heat of the sun on the boot did the damage. Who would’ve thought? Just as well it only cost me fifty quid, but it still works – I can’t see what’s under the crack so have to wait till it moves up. Oh well, these things are sent to try us. 

ps. Did I forget to tell you I got the job in the hotel? I'm not staying there - I also got the live-in carework but don't start for another couple weeks.

pps: I’m living in a camp-site just up from the beach at Exmouth. It’s hotter than hell.


Maggie xx

The End

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