Hey Ett

I wrote this last night:

9.15pm sitting on sand dunes at Exmouth. I took my time getting here, stopped off a few times, finished that mad book I was reading, Restraint of Beasts, and left it in the toilets at services on the M5. I lay on the grass by the picnic benches and didn’t move till I was finished. Think I’ll try sleeping in the car tonight, so no reading; don’t want to attract attention. Parked the car on a nice quiet street, don’t want to be chucked out as a vagrant! A vagrant in charge of a noisy car; the exhaust started to give it laldy when I left Wales. I thought it might do me till I got here but it was so LOUD, even on the motorway! I had to stop at Droitwich and get it seen to. He put 2 temporary clamps on it for £25, almost the last of my cash – I know, I shouldn’t be travelling with no money. I’m scared to see how much I’ve NOT got in the bank. I’ve got 3 £100 cheques coming to be cashed on the 6th, 7th & 8th August! 

It was like sitting in an oven today, driving that car, and at one point there was a complete halt for AGES! Both sides of the motorway - must’ve been a 20 mile tailback in each direction. I turned the engine off after about 5 min. As we got moving again I could see that a lot of people on the other side had got out of their cars and were standing about smoking and chatting - motorway picnic! A fire engine and ambulance flew down the empty side of the road. I wouldn’t choose a hot day for motorway driving again - give me rain any day. There’ve been loads of cars on the hard shoulders most of the way down. 

I sat on my chair and opened a tin of tuna and ate it with a little plastic fork. Then I sent text messages to everyone. Got one back from one of my sisters-in-law – I hadn’t seen her for ages. When I told her what I was doing she said I was off my head; she’s sitting in a slum estate in Glasgow and I’m on a beach in Devon! Who’s the mad one?

I’ve got an appointment at noon on Wed with an agency in Exeter that does live-in carers and housekeepers. The waitress job said they’d get back to me on Wed too. 

Maggie x

(this is your postcard)

The End

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