The Post  to  27.7.07


Dear Beth


I hope you know that I love you, and I miss you. It seems so easy for people to say those things and be more loving to their kids these days. Once, my brother and I got it into our heads that we’d kiss the parents goodnight as we went to bed, and they laughed their heads off! Mum and Dad didn’t do all that I love you stuff. We kept it up for a while then forgot about it, probably to their relief. I’d most likely been reading too much Enid Blyton and realised that we were different from the people in my books; everything was very English – even in Scotland. Don’t mind me – there’s been a lot of death and destruction on TV; maybe I expect to pop off any minute – so thought I should confess my love… kind of tidying up my life.


Don’t worry about me dear, I’m fine. And Maggie is in touch, in bursts of interest, whenever she remembers little old me stuck in this flat, although I never use words like ‘stuck’ in front of her; she’s all free yourself, explore the world, find the real you! Well I’ve found me and I like living in my box, with Queenie the cat…and I don’t need to run up and down stairs to get fit; I dance every morning for half-an-hour to songs I used to love. I’ve discovered YouTube, and spent all last night playing on it. My God! It’s no wonder we were all in love with David Cassidy; he is the most beautiful boy in the world, or he was - absolutely delicious, in fact, incomparable.


The photos you put up are fabulous; I’m going to have a go at joining that Flicker thing place, or whatever you call it. All this internet stuff is really quite easy if you just play; it’s a bit like sitting at a café in Spain – relax, and if you get served it’s a bonus. I know that I can’t break anything so have a go at everything – almost fell into a porn site the other day and was terrified in case someone was watching me, and that it would be on my record somewhere!


Maggie’s promised faithfully to email me from everywhere. She just took off in a cloud of excitement with the car stuffed full. It was mostly done by the time I got round there – she’d been popping downstairs half the night, tucking and packing it all in. How can she do that? I mean, a woman of our age, just driving off into nowhere; it’s a huge event. I know I couldn’t do it.. Hard to believe we’ll be pensioners in a few years years. No, I’m not getting maudlin, just astounded at the speed of time. You make the most of yours Beth; don’t waste a minute because it’ll be gone in a flash, really – it only feels like a handful of years ago Maggie and I were teenagers, skating around Crossmaloof ice-rink to Ride a White Swan and trying to calculate decimal money into shillings and pence, and back again.


Goodnight love. Sorry I’ve rambled on. I like typing instead of writing – you get more for your money don’t you?


Mum x

The End

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