Player #2:

His last $500 is invested in tonight, 400 of which is rent money due two weeks ago. Not that it matters. He is leaving tonight, straight after the game, win or lose.

He looks at the two cards he has been dealt, what with it being Texas Hold 'Em, and grimaces. Two Aces. He hopes the expression looked genuine, but he doesn't look around to check anyone's reaction. That would be giving the game away.

Obviously to leave after winning would be the preferred result. $4000 will make their escape from the chains and ties of "real life" far easier, but the reason he had primarily decided to enter tonight was to begin living right away. If he wins, him and V would have it easier, if he lost, they would have it harder. Fear and excitement intermingling to create a feeling of living so intense, he already knew they had made the right choice. He thought of the guns in her handbag and wondered how long it would be before they had to use them on themselves. A month? A year? A day?

His family would miss him sure, and he loved them all, but he was never much good at keeping in contact, and he believed that they would be better off without him in the long run, once his body had been found and they had gotten over the initial pain. Will they think that at least he wasn't suffering anymore? He doubted it. He had never spoke a single word about it to them.

He tossed in $5, hoping that his poker face was remaining intact. He suspected it was, as he hadn't been thinking about his hand at all. He took a deep breath and reached for his Amaretto and Coke. Better start concentrating for a bit; alot is riding on this game.

The End

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