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The pressure I had felt from Shina when she began to question me was enough to make me sweat from the back of my neck up. I was feeling a strong pressure that I've never once felt before. I honestly thought I would die from the pressure. Shina was emiting a dark aura as well when she had questioned me. It seems if I want to know more about her family I would have to be prepared for whatever it is she seems to be hiding. Am I prepared for such a thing? I don't know...but I would still like to know...

Since I couldn't ask Shina directly about her family as she had already given me a clear warning about it; I have no choice but to ask KoiBane-Sensei who should be hanging around the Teacher's Lounge after school. KoiBane-Sensei is usually helpful around these kind of things, he might know a few things about Shina's situation. However, the question is whether or not KoiBane-Sensei will tell me the information that he knows about Shina. Come to think of it, he did mention that Shina's family has some problems. I wonder, how much he actually knows...

I waited until classes had finished for the day before deciding to go see KoiBane-Sensei. Although before I could go see KoiBane-Sensei I have to inform Shina to go ahead to the library before me.

"Shina." I wave to Shina as I call her name.

Shina looks at me from her desk and tilts her head as if to say, "what is it?"

"Can you head to the library before me? I need to go to the Teacher's Lounge."

"Alright" Shina answers nodding her head. She then gives me a look as though she wants to say something but I pretend not to notice and pull my bag over my shoulders.

I turn to Shina and wave to her.

"Thanks. I'll see you in a bit, Shina."


I walk out of the classroom with my bag and head towards the Teacher's Lounge. I climb down the 2nd floor and on the 1st floor I open the Teacher Lounge's door. When I open the door, several teachers are still in the room doing their work. I scan the room with my eyes to search for KoiBane-Sensei, but it appears he isn't in the room. I wonder where he went? I turn to the nearest teacher and ask him if he has seen KoiBane-Sensei.

"Excuse me."


"Have you seen Bane-Sensei?"

"Ah, Bane-Sensei? He should be in the science room still."

"Thank you."

I bow to the teacher and leave quickly towards the science room. I don't want to keep Shina alone in the library so I should hurry up and find KoiBane-Sensei.

I rush down the hallway and head towards the science room on the 2nd floor. Last time I found KoiBane-Sensei there, so it should be the same room. I arrive quickly at the science room and open the sliding door. The door wasn't locked so it slid easily open. Inside of the room was KoiBane-Sensei. He was doing something very suspicious from the way I was seeing him from behind.

KoiBane-Sensei was holding another flask filled with some kind of strange substance and he was swirling it around in the flask. He poured some of the substance into another type of container which held white liquid. When he poured the substance into the container, the liquid began to turn into a green color. KoiBane-Sensei then started laughing hysterically. If this wasn't a school and if I didn't know KoiBane-Sensei to be eccentric like would probably be like one of those nightmare scenes in a horror movie with a mad scientist...


KoiBane-Sensei turns around but as he does he begins to spin rapidly for no reason.

"Yu-ki-mu-ra-kun~~" KoiBane-Sensei says my name in a very elongated way.

Sensei is super scary...


"What is it, Yu-ki-mu-ra-kun~?"

"Can you stop? You're kinda freaky..."

"Ah..." He momentarily stops and pauses to think. Do you really need to think? "Sorry about that Yukimura-kun. I showed you a strange sight."

"...Yeah" I reply hesitantly. "Anyway, Sensei, I-"

"I know" says KoiBane-Sensei interrupting me. "Its about Shina Hayashi-chan, right?"


"Its obvious to know what you are thinking, Yukimura-kun~ But I'll let you know something, I don't know that much about Hayashi-chan's family situation. However, since you helped Hayashi-chan with her school problems I suppose I could tell you about her family problems."

"That's fine. It would be hard for me to ask Shina directly."

"Very well then... Although I hope you can dedicate yourself to helping Hayashi-chan, if not... Well, who knows what'll happen? But seeing as how you're in love with Hayashi-chan. I'm sure you'll do something."


I stare at KoiBane-Sensei blankly.

"What's with that face? I'm the one helping you here, you know."

"Excuse me, it was nothing." I ignore KoiBane-Sensei's bickering. "Anyway, get on with it."

"Yeah, Yeah, you're so bossy..." KoiBane-Sensei shakes his head. "From what I can tell about Hayashi-chan's family is that she doesn't have a good relationship with her mother or father. Her parents are divorced and she lives with her mother and new step-father."

"A step-father? How's their relationship?"

"I don't know, to be honest. She doesn't speak of anything since the only friend she has right now is you, so you should be more knowledgable about her family issues, not me."

"That's... She already gave me a warning earlier today."

"A warning?" asks KoiBane-Sensei with a somewhat shocked expression.

"Yeah, she seemed to be warning me not to dig too much into it, but that just makes me want to know more."

Indeed, Shina had warned me but I still went ahead to figure more about her. Was she trying to test me? I continued to think deeply to myself until KoiBane-Sensei continued on with the information about Shina.

"Well, in any case, Hayashi-chan doesn't see her mother much because she is constantly working, while her father rarely ever see her. Her step-father seems to be the one home all the time. I'm not sure about their relationship. That's about all I know..."

"I see."

"If you want to know more its better to ask Hayashi-chan. After all, asking directly is much better than asking someone like me who only has half-baked information."

"I'll do that..."

I turn my back to KoiBane-Sensei and walk out the door but before I do, KoiBane-Sensei calls out from behind me.

"Ah, by the way, Yukimura-kun."

"Yes?" I turn back to answer KoiBane-Sensei.

"Hayashi-chan is relying on you so try your best to help her."

I nod to KoiBane-Sensei's words and then I remembered his previous words before.

"Ah, Sensei..." I call back.


"Before you said me and Shina were similar. What did you mean by that?"

"You'll find out when the time asks for it. For now, let the red string of fate be your guide."


KoiBane-Sensei gave me a somewhat cheesy line to me, so I didn't know whether to take them seriously or not. I nodded either way to his words and continued onward to the library. I sure made Shina wait. By the time I had noticed it nearly 30mins have passed since I began the talk with KoiBane-Sensei. Shina must be angry or at least have some idea as to what I was doing. I should hurry.

I rush towards the library to meet Shina without taking notice to KoiBane-Sensei staring at me from behind in the science room.

The End

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