The after school bell chimed the end of the third day of school. Although I was able to prevent the majority of the girls from bullying Shina today, it did not mean that I would be able to the rest of the time I spend with her. I need to think up a plan to somehow stop the bullies from attacking Shina at any given time. It troubles me that I won't be able to fully protect her. The bullies won't give up easily either just from being stopped today.

I grabbed my bag and once more slung it over my shoulder. I waited for Shina who was sitting to the left of me to get her own bag. I wasn't planning on allowing her to go to the library alone. If I left her alone then she would surely become a target when I'm not around.

Shina grabbed her bag and stared at me with an unpleasant look as though she wanted me to go ahead of her, but I didn't think it was a good idea so I just stood in front of her and waited. She seemed uncomfortable. The other students who were heading to their clubs and others who were going home were already grabbing their bags seperately and leaving. The few students who were staying behind to chat a little about what they were gonna do after school today were quietly staring at us. It seems as though the students who were chatting with their friends were curious about us due to the rumors. Occassionally, I could see the male students staring at Shina, so I would give them a fierce glare. The male students would meet my gaze and quickly turn away. Am I jealous? I don't even understand the reason why I did such a thing.

"Shina, lets go together" I tell her holding my bag with my right hand.

Shina looks at me and tries to glare at me. It seems she really wants to push me aside.

"Shina, lets go" I take her hand with my left hand and drag her along with me.

Shina tries to resist, but eventually gives up.

I take her hand and drag her with me to the library as we are in the same club it would make sense we would go together, right? After all, we are both in the same classroom so might as well travel together than seperately.

When we finally arrive in front of the library door I could feel the gazes of the students waiting to get in. I quickly unlock the library door and let the students in who are staring intensely at me and Shina. Shina looks at me and blushes while trying to hide herself. Shes really cute when she tries to hide her embarrassed face. We enter the library together and I motion for Shina to take a seat in the chair behind the counter next to me. Shina sits down and begins to pout. Its really cute.

Shina lowers shifts her head to the side and doesn't look at me. She pouts while sitting on the chair and I can't help but think how cute it is to how she is pouting. I wonder how I should deal with this? The students who were in the library were concentrating on their work so it was just me and Shina behind the counter doing nothing. The only possible thing that we could do was read and manage the usual Library Management work.

"Shina stop pouting" I say while slightly smiling. It was quite rare for me to smile like this so I felt slightly awkward. Shina looks at me with wide eyes of surprise.

"You smiled..."


Shina stops pouting and smiles at me brightly. It seems as though she was happy at being smiled at. Does me smiling at her make her that happy? She really is strange. I don't get her personality at all.

"Shina, from now on lets walk together when coming to club activities, okay?"

Shina thinks for a moment before nodding. I'm glad she is opening up to me a little more. Its nice to see her opening up to me. I may be getting greedy. My heart is racing and my hands feel warm as I grip them behind my back. I really want to hug Shina, but if I do that she'll probably think I'm weird.

Reaffirming that Shina holds some responsibility towards the club I take out my book from my bag along with my music player. Shina looks at me in wonder. I laugh a little internally and pull out my earphones from my bag. I take the earphones and plug them into the music player and hit the play button. I set the music player on the desk after selecting the music type. Once my music had started, I turned the page of my book and began reading from where I last left off. It had been such a long time since I've been able to concentrate so well on reading. These past few days, I had been concentrating on Shina to no end, it was quite hard on my reading time. Shina stares at my music player which I had set onto the desk. Does she want to look at it?

"Shina, do you want to see it?" I ask.

"Yeah. I want to know what kind of music Kazuki listens to!" she exclaims excitedly while both her arms goes up in a boasting pose.

My heart skipped a beat at her words. Wanting to hear something that I listen to is surely a killer line to any guy who is in love with a girl. It seriously could kill a guy if she said this to any guy she came across to.

"Then, here." I hand her my left side earphone as she was sitting to my right. "Use this."

Shina plugs the left earphone into her left ear and the music pours into it. After a while, her eyes brighten up. Was she that excited to hear my music? I don't have much of a preference so my choice in music is quite varied.

"Its good!" Shina smiles at me.

My heart jumped again. I don't think I'll be able to hold out.

"So this is the kind of music Kazuki listens to..." says Shina as she takes out the earphone and hands it back to me.

"Its just normal. Don't you have any music you like to listen to?"

Shina shakes her head.

"I'm not allowed to listen to music a lot."

"I see..."

Our conversation stops but Shina is slightly smiling. Its good that she is in a good mood. I return to reading my book and as I do Shina takes out her own book from her bag. Shina reads silently. It became a quiet atmosphere of both of us reading different books and occassionally helping other students borrow library books. We spent the rest of the day like this until it was time to leave at 6pm. It was certainly a better time than compared to the other times. However, I was unable to ask Shina about why she said we were similar and her reason for crying in the storage closet.

Shina put away her things as I did the same. We walked out of the library after checking for any other students and then locked the door. Shina followed me as I walked to the Teacher's Lounge to return the library keys as usual. Once we reach the Teacher's Lounge I have Shina wait outside of the room for me while I take the key back inside. When I walk in KoiBane-Sensei is grading papers and when he sees me he grins widely. It seriously is getting troublesome this pervert teacher...

"Sooo... Yukimura-kun~~ How's it going with you and Hayashi-chan?"


"Awww~~ Come on! Don't ignore me, Yukimura-kun!!"

Just as I turned to leave the Teacher's Lounge, KoiBane-Sensei calls out to me in a begging voice. No matter what, I am not turning around... KoiBane-Sensei stops calling me when he spots Shina. From the corner of my eye I could see KoiBane-Sensei smiling deviously. He must really want to mess with me.

Shina as expected was waiting outside for me. I was slightly happy that she was waiting for me so without knowing it I slightly smiled. In order to hide my smile, I covered my face with my left hand and turned my head away from her emerald eyes. Shina stared at me curious to what I was doing, but said nothing. We walked down the hallway together to the front entrance of the school.

As it was already quite late, I told Shina I would walk her to the station so we ended up walking together until the train station. I waited until Shina had boarded a train and went my seperate way. I ended up talking more than I usually do because of Shina. I feel strange somehow inside of my heart. Its the first time I've ever felt so happy over one person. Love is truly a complicated feeling. I still have yet to grasp the full concept of love. As I walk home I ponder an idea to help Shina's bullying problem, but as expected an easy answer wouldn't be coming anytime soon. A childish problem like bullying won't be solved so easily just with my help, but I still want to do something for Shina.

"It'd be nice if tomorrow she acted normally, than ignoring me..."

The End

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