Wild RumorsMature

Just as I had predicted the next day I went to school rumors were flying around. As I walked to the front entrance of the school I could feel the powerful gazes of the other students. Whispering students around the school could also be heard even with my earphones plugged in my ears. As I grabbed my shoes from my cupboard in front of the school entrance I could hear the students whispering about me and my relation to Shina as I had called her by her first name. It seems as though the students were curious but because my atmosphere was one where I didn't want anyone to bother me they didn't approach me. After putting on my shoes I head to the classroom as I do so I spot Shina also heading to the classroom.

"Morning. Shina, lets go together."

I walk up to her and greet her. It was an impulse that compelled me to greet her. I was in a way trying to get back at her for ignoring me and since the rumors were already going around about us I wanted to make use of the rumors. No, it was a lie. In truth, I just wanted an excuse to use the rumors to my advantage to get closer to Shina and have her open up to me.

In the first place, why had she said that we were similar? I still don't quite get her personality and she makes it hard to befriend each other, not that I'm one to talk.

Shina ignores me even though I greeted her. Here it goes again, the same pattern as before. I was expecting as much so I shake off my disappointment at a greeting. I shrug my shoulders and continue to the classroom while walking behind Shina. Shina doesn't react and just walks ahead of me. The surroundings of the hallway as we head to the classroom were noisy as the students began gossiping about us.

"Did he just greet her?"

"No way, our idol is being taken!"

"The boys are so stupid gagging all over that girl."

"She's a bitch so I don't get why they idolize her so much."

"Who is that guy, anyway?"

"Isn't he the loner?"

"It can't be the loner and the bitch are dating?"

Various types of gossip were going around the students of the school. I didn't particularly care though, although the one about us dating made my heart skip a beat. I was slightly happy even if it was a misunderstanding that I was being mistaken for her "destined" partner. How stupid of myself to be acting like this.

The rest of the day continued like normal aside from the constant gossiping between students about us and the fact that Shina's bullying got worse. I don't think I can take it, seeing her get bullied. However, if I interfere in anyway she would definately get mad as I would do the same if someone suddenly tried helping me. When lunch time finally came I grabbed my usual items and instead of heading to the library's private room like I usually do, I waited for Shina to arrive.

When Shina finally arrived to grab her bento box, I stood in front of her and waited as she grabbed the box. She looked at me suspiciously before she bent down to take her bento box. Her long black hair floated downward as she bent down and her hand reached for her bento box. The other hand she used to push down her skirt as she bent down. She really is a beautiful girl.

Once Shina had grabbed her lunch I gestured with my head to head out together, but she stared at me. Sighing, I had a feelng she wouldn't come with me. I suppose, she didn't want the rumors to spread even faster than earlier. She probably didn't want to get me too involved, but it was already too late for that. The rumors wouldn't stop and I didn't praticularly care whether they stopped or continued. She probably wants us both to travel seperately to the library's private room.

"Shina, I'll see you later then" I tell her while giving her a look to show her what I meant. I would go on ahead to the room and wait for her before I began to eat.

Shina nodded, but didn't say anything to me. She probably didn't want to catch anyone's attention, although everyone was already looking intensely since this morning.

Walking out the classroom I gave a glare towards the girls who were bullying Shina. The girls who met with my eyes jumped and turned their gaze away. Just as I passed by them I whispered into their ears a silent threat.

"If you dare touch Shina... I'll never forgive you."

The girls who heard it whimpered and ran away as I walked towards the library. I didn't particularly want to threaten anyone, but for some reason I didn't like the idea of them touching Shina when it was lunch time. I wanted Shina to enjoy her lunch with me. Thinking about how we would eat lunch together made my heart skip around like mad. I was having butterflies in my stomach. Who knew that this kind of day would come? I blushed as I thought about my feelings.

Ah... I need to calm down.

I skipped happily to the library and waited for Shina.

As I waited inside the private library room for Shina to arrive I fiddled around with my music player and earphones. I twirled one of my earphone strands in my right hand and messed with the music player in my left. It took some time before I heard a knock on the door. I got up from my chair and unlocked the private library room door. Shina was standing behind the door and I noticed that she had snuck carefully here so that no one would know about our meeting here, so I let her in before anyone sees. It seems as though Shina was keeping her promise with me. The students who were in the library were concentrating on their work so they didn't seem to notice Shina.

I let Shina into the room and lock the door after she enters. I sit myself down on my chair and open the bento box. I could feel Shina staring at me as I open my bento box filled with food. Shina opens her own bento box, but when I take a look at it I could see that once again it was ruined. Most likely, the girls who had been bullying her had ruined it during our class time, they must've made an excuse to ruin her lunch during class. Shina gives out a displeased expression as she looks at her food. She doesn't seem to want to eat it, but takes her chopstick and begins eatting it anyway.

I become a little irritated at the way she begins to eat her food. I sigh and take away her bento box. Shina gives me a look of wonder and stares intensely at me then she switches her gaze to my bento box.

"Shina, take half of mine" I push my bento box towards her with a sigh.

She looks at me suspiciously.


"Its fine take half of it. I can't watch you eat something like this."

Shina blushes as she takes my bento box and eats part of it. My heart is thumping.

"Its delicious" she mumbles as she begins to rapidly pick out food from my box.

"That's good. I cooked it, you know."

She looks at me with her emerald eyes covered in curious sparkles. Her face inches closer to mine causing my heart to beat even more rapidly. Her face is too close!

"You made this?" she asks.

"Y-yeah... Shina, your face is too close!" I push away Shina's face and sigh. "I live alone so if I don't learn how to cook I won't be able to live healthy."

"That's amazing!" she begins to yell in excitement.

I don't get whats so amazing about cooking food. I just do it to survive so I don't see what she needs to get all excited about.

"Shina, calm down. Anyway, those girls have been destroying your lunches, haven't they?"

Shina lowers her head and nods quietly.

"If thats the case... Do you want me to cook for you?" I ask slightly blushing. I avert my eyes so that my eyes don't meet hers. I could see her looking at me excitedly.

"You will?" she asks.

Her face is getting too close again.

"Y-yeah... I mean I can't stand the fact that you're eatting destroyed meals that way... I'm sure they also put other things in your bento boxes as well, right?"

Her expression goes dark again. I was right. The girls who were bullying her went further than just destroying her meals, they put other things in it as well, but Shina still ate it. Probably, Shina didn't want to waste the food so she ate it despite the dirty things being put into her bento box.

"Thank you, Kazuki" Shina suddenly says with a smile.

I blush intensely and I could feel my body heating up. Her smile was so cute. I couldn't help but feel my heart rate accelerating. I'm seriously acting unlike myself. I'm opening up to her way too quickly but... Her expression is always nicer than when she is outside where other students could see her. I want to manopolize her for myself. I want to kiss her face that is so close to mine. Thinking such things, we spent the rest of lunch in a quiet room.

Lunch ended swiftly with me and Shina in the library's private room eatting my bento box. Upon returning to class Shina maintained a quiet demeanor. The rumors around school were spreading like wildfire as various students continued to stare at me at any moment they got. The girls who bullied Shina also looked upon her with more hatred however each time I gave them a warning glare.

Throughout the day, I prevented anyone from touching Shina's items, which allowed Shina to take better notes. Her notebooks were renewed thanks to me giving her new ones. Although she didn't want to accept it, she eventually took it when I forced it on her. Rumors were beginning to spread even more. Some rumors were ridiculous in regards to me. However, I ignored the majority of them and occassionally the ones about me dating Shina made my heart flutter happily. If the other guys don't have the courage to help Shina, then I will. Like KoiBane-Sensei suggested to me. I will help Shina.

I'm in love with Shina Hayashi. I'll protect her. I swore these things silently in my heart.

The End

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