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"I'm in love with Shina Hayashi..."

Mumbling these words to myself I blushed furiously as my hand tried to hide my embarrassment. If I keep thinking about such things I'll die from the excessive embarrassment I'm already feeling. I need to do something quick.

Seeing as how I can't calm down by just standing outside the science room I head to the library's private club room. I walk down the hallway as usual and head towards the library. There seems to be some students outside wanting to go in but because I hadn't opened the door they couldn't enter. I stop in front of the library door and silently open it without saying anything. The students who were standing in front of the library door stared at me immensely but after I opened it they started to pour into the library to use its equipment. I say nothing and allow the students to go in while I head to the library's private room.

I open the library's private room door and sit myself down in the usual seat. The same scenery of the private room filled my sight as I set down my bento on the table and began taking out my earphones. I plug the earphones into my ear and press the play button on my music player, music fills my ears. Just as I was about to eat my bento the faint sound of someone knocking on the door could be heard. I could barely hear it as my music covered the majority of what I was hearing. I turn my head to look at the door.

How many times must someone knock on this door? I feel as though my peaceful life in the private room is disappearing. I get up from the chair and unplug my earphones again. I walk towards the door and put my hand on the doorknob. I turn the knob and swing the door inward opening it to whoever was in front of the door. Shina Hayashi stood there with her bento box in hand. She was looking at me, her eyes glimmered in emerald as they stared deeply into my blue eyes. My heart began racing.

I stared back at her unable to say anything as the words inside my head repeated themselves. "I'm in love with Shina Hayashi..." I couldn't help but remember those words and stood there frozen as my heart rate was accelerating. Realizing that I had to say something I shook off the thoughts that were constraining me.

"Eh... Hayashi-san? What do you want?"

I didn't mean to sound mean but the tone of my voice seemed to apply annoyance. I didn't particularly find anything wrong with it though and just blurted out those words. Shina Hayashi, didn't really pay much mind to it and instead responded, different than to how she was this morning.

"I came for the club... I saw you enter here so I thought...maybe we could eat together?" says Shina Hayashi.

She looks at me with expectant eyes which made my heart throb even faster. It was too cute. The way she asked me and the way she is looking at me now; I can't help but think that they are all cute gestures. I can't help but look at her and say nothing. My face and body is starting to feel too excited and hot.


Shina Hayashi says my name as I wasn't responding. Snapping out of my daze I answer back to her question.

"A-ah, yeah... We can eat together... Um... Hayashi-san." I was hesitating in my answer as although I felt happy that she asked me, I was also uncomfortable to eatting with another person.

I gesture behind me to another open seat by the table and let her in through the door. The other students in the library didn't seem to notice her enter and were doing their own things, which was a good thing. I close the door once Shina Hayashi enters and sigh. She begins to pull aside the chair and seats herself in it then pushes herself closer to the table once more. She sets her bento box on the table like I had and opens the lid.

Inside of the bento box I can see that her meal had been ruined. What seemed to be a carefully chosen assortment of foods had been devestatingly ransacked, but she still eats it. I feel repulsed by the ransacking of her food. How could she endure such bullying? It was obvious to me that she didn't particularly want to eat the food but ate it anyway. I say nothing though and sit on the opposite end of the table where my bento is. I also begin to eat my food silently.

It was an incredibly awkward atmosphere as neither of us spoke while we ate. I thought that the situation would continue until lunch was over however Shina Hayashi began to say something.


"Huh?" Puzzled I didn't know what she was talking about.

"My name. Don't call me Hayashi-san. Call me Shina" blurts out Shina Hayashi.

"Huh? I can't do that. We don't even fully know each other" I reply while eatting.

The room went silent again. When I looked up to check on her reaction I was surprised to see her giving me a pouting expression with her cheeks puffed up and her eyes looking as though she was about to cry. What have I done? Feeling a twinge of guilt I panicked inside my head.

"W-what are you crying for?!" I ask.


She began to sniffle. She covered her face with her hands and began sniffling.

What the hell? What do I do in this kind of situation?!

"I-I get it! I get it already! I'll call you! S-Shina! So just stop crying!" I yell desperately. I unconciously stood up and knocked my chair down as my hands banged down onto the table. The sound of the table vibrated through the air. However, once I said those lines Shina lifted her face up from her hands and...she wasn't crying... She tricked me... Women tears... How unfair.

"Good" Shina smiles. "Then I'll call you Kazuki! Without the -kun, of course!" she adds in as she continues to smile at me with a happy expression.

Is this girl some kind of demon?

"Yeah, yeah... Do what you want..." I waved my hand in a non-caring gesture. At this point I didn't know how to respond to her strange personality. First she was cold to me, then she was emotional and next thing you know, she is all happy-go-lucky. I seriously cannot understand her. I definately won't say it! I definately will also not tell her that I thought she was cute just now pouting! She also already decided to call me on a first name basis as well... If I were to deny her, she would probably do the same thing just now. "Ah, by the way, why did you tell me not to talk to you this morning?"

Shina looks at me puzzled. She gives a complicated expression, it seems as though she doesn't want to tell me. Could it be?

"Is it because you don't want to get me involved?" I asked her this because perhaps she was trying to protect me from knowing her bullying problems, but it was too obvious to not notice it at this point in time. I wonder why I hadn't noticed it until now? However, now that I think about it we weren't in the same class until this semester, so its no wonder why I didn't know.

Shina looks down and doesn't answer.

"Never mind, you don't have to answer." Since it isn't particularly my problem, I can't pry too much into it so I shrug my shoulders and continue eatting.

After we both finished our meal, I took out my earphones again to plug my ears once more. As I was taking out my earphones Shina mumbles something to me so I momentarily stop and look at her.

"Kazuki... Would it be fine if I come here from now on during lunch?" she asks with an anxious look on her face.

I look at her tracing her expression for an answer. Her anxious face was also cute, but I could tell that there were other meanings behind her words. KoiBane-Sensei's words flashed into my head at that moment.

"You'll save her."

Thinking about those words my heart began to beat a little faster. I would save Shina. I didn't know how I would save her exactly, but I would save her. Mustering what I could I nodded my head and responded to her question in the best way I could.

"Yeah... Do what you want."

Shina smiles at me happily. Her expression lit up from earlier and it made my heart beat even faster. I was no doubt falling for her. After realizing that I was in love with her it became harder to deny her cute expressions and actions and even worse it became even harder for me to breath with her around. Even so...I felt extremely happy just being able to talk to her like this. It was such a strange feeling, something I never thought was possible for me.



"Can you at least keep it a secret that you come here?" I ask.

"Yeah!" she answers.

"Promise not to tell anyone because this is the library's private room so I don't want anyone coming in to disturb my quiet reading time."

"Yeah, I promise!"

Shina smiles as she answers me. She sticks out her pinky finger to me and gestures me to do the same. Sighing, I take my own pinky finger and twist it together with hers. We say the pinky promise chant.

"Pinky promise, if I lie, I will swallow a 1000 needles, and cut my pinky."

Saying such diabolic lines, I could only laugh at the silliness of such a childish chant with her. However, Shina smiles wholeheartedly and grasps my hand while giving me a sad smile. I didn't understand exactly what made her have that expression but I was fine with the way it was now. Her hand was soft as it gripped mine and I couldn't help but feel my heart accelerating due to her touch. I still don't understand what part of her I like, but...I'm happy.

The bell rings for class time so Shina gets up and smiles at me while saying, "see you again" as she leaves the private room. I wait until she leaves to clean up my bento box. In the end, I was unable to read a book again fully today, but I strangely feel incredibly happy with making a promise to Shina. My face feels hotter as I think about our little promise. It was a tiny secret for the two of us to eat here at lunch together. It was a promise to Shina that we would be in this room to eat, it was nothing more than that and yet... I was so happy I couldn't seem to handle it. My heart was thumping faster than usual and my head was filled with the image of her face. Ah... I seriously am in love. I can understand how the novel characters feel now.

"Pinky promise, huh... How many years has it been since I've done one? Crap... I'm seriously too happy..."

I grab the book and earphones and headed back to my classes.

The End

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