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Somehow, I made it through the rest of my day while trying my hardest to avoid any other meetings with Shina Hayashi. However, it was hard for me to fully evade her as every other class that I had aside from my elective was one with her in it and each time she had found it in herself to sit right beside me. Was this some kind of new harrassment method?

At this rate I won't be able to concentrate at all in reading my books or taking notes on the interesting parts of the lectures. This is bad, real bad. As I thought about such things through the rest of the classes, school finally came to an end for the day. Feeling relieved I leaned back in my seat after all classes had ended and watched as the rest of the students gathered their things to leave for their extracurricular activities, or just plain going home. I could hear Shina Hayashi gather her items from her desk and stuff it into her bag on my left. I take out my earphones that I had stuffed into my pockets and took the earbuds and plugged my ears. The moment I did so I could hear the faint sound of Shina Hayashi shriek a little at something. I turned my eyes to her for a moment, while pretending to take out my music player to plug in the earphones.

When I looked at her, the sun behind her illuminated her figure in the sunlight. Her black haired sparkled in a healthy afterglow of the sun. Her greens eyes were sullen, but were surprisingly quite beautiful nonetheless as they stared downwards at her bag. She was holding her finger up to her mouth and sucking on it. Her skin was beautifully pale and her elegant fingers matched her well formed figure, however the same could not be said of her face. She seemed to be contemplating something.


Shina Hayashi mumbled.

Something seemed to have poked her finger causing it to bleed. It seemed as though a needle of some sort had pricked her when she was stuffing her items into her school bag. She was sucking her pricked finger softly and I could hear the sound of her sucking on her finger. She couldn't have been so careless as to have left a needle laying around in her bag, could she?

Noticing my gaze she looked up at me from where she had been fixing her gaze upon. Surprised I tried avoiding her eyes and continued on with messing with my music player.


Shina Hayashi said something with her beautiful voice but I was unsure whether or not it was addressed to me. I listened to my music as the rate of my heartbeat increased. I pretended to be concentrating fully on the music and stayed silent. But it was a lie, I couldn't concentrate on the music at all.


"I said 'Hey'!" she yelled a little louder.

I stayed silent.

Seeming as though she was a little annoyed she gathered her bag and then before I knew it she walked over and stood straight in front of my desk and forcefully unplugged my earphones. She yanked hard on the earphone cords forcing the earbuds to fly straight out of my ears causing a slight pain to run through me.

I looked up at her and was about to say something until I saw her face. Her face was rounded beautifully and her green eyes appeared to stare right into my solemn blue eyes as if seeing right through me. She was looking at me straight in the eye. My heart skipped again.

"W-what?" I asked stuttering a little. My heart was racing faster as my eyes continued to stare into her emerald stoned eyes.

"Your name" she said with a non-caring expression on her face.


"I said your name" she repeated again.

My name? What could she want with my name? Was it because I was staring at her?

"Kazuki Yukimura..." I responded hesitantly.

"I see. How is it written?" she asks.

"Kazu as in harmony and ki as in hope. My surname is written with yuki as in snow and mura as in village..." I answer.

Why am I being so detailed in explaining my name to her?

"I see. Thank you, Yukimura-kun."

The instant she spoke my name, my heart began racing faster. What is this? My head feels like a mess and I feel as though the classroom is hotter than before.

Seeming satisfied, Shina Hayashi smiled at me. It was the first time I had seen her smile all day. Whenever I glanced at her she had never smiled like that at anyone instead she held a poker face as if to brush away all the people she came into contact with. Her smile seemed to make the classroom brighter and as if we were the only two there the fact that we were in the classroom became far away from me. I was dumbfounded, her smile was too beautiful. I felt as though I was falling deeper into some kind of hole, perhaps this is what the protagonists of novels felt like. I am beginning to understand their feelings.

After saying her thanks to me she turned and began to walk out the classroom. I could only stare at her back as she walked away. Ah... My heart its skipping faster than before. My face feels slightly hot and I can't seem to collect my thoughts. Just what is this feeling? Who are you? Shina Hayashi.

Taking my earphones that had been pulled out of my ears forcefully I plugged them back in my ears and waited a while in the classroom to cool myself down. When my heart rate finally calmed down I headed to the library to do my after school library work in the Library Management Club. After picking up the spare key in the Teacher's Lounge I unlocked the door of the library and let a few of the students who were staying after school to study in. I put my bag down behind the library counter and sat in the librarian's chair. I pulled out my book from my bag and read with my earphones playing music.

Several students came and left, some students borrowed books which I had them sign the form to list who were taking books. I wrote down each student who borrowed a book on a list that listed any student who borrowed a book from the library. At most my only activity in the Library Management Club was to manage the books students borrow, other than that, I took it as a pleasure to read all I can in the library.

By the time I realized it, it was near closing time for the library but there was still about one hour to go before it was 6pm, which was the usually time for all activities to halt. I needed to go to the bathroom. I looked up from my book and quickly surveyed the library to see if anyone was still here. It seems as though every student had already left as it was getting late, I didn't notice at all.

Seeing as no one is here I should lock the library and quickly go to the bathroom and come back for the remainder of the time left, or maybe I should just go straight home? I'll think about it after using the bathroom. I quickly hurried to the boy's bathroom that was closest to the library. Along the way, I saw a group of three girls hanging around to what seemed to be the storage closet. What are they doing? However, its not any of my business. I could hear some of their whispers as I turned to the right and into the bathroom.

"She...in the closet...Shina..."

"Deserves it...a bitch..."

"Won't be...found out, right?"

Noticing my presence as I turned into the bathroom they gave me an anxious look. I only took a glance at them but it seemed to frighten them. My glances often looked as though I was glaring, so it couldn't be helped that they were afraid but I was sure they were up to something no good. I didn't particularly care what they thought of me though so I just gave them a scowl and went into the bathroom.

Having finished my business, I exited the bathroom and the three girls seemed to have left. They said something about the closet. Curious, I looked at the storage closet that they were gathered around earlier. I put my ear to the door to see if there was something inside but I heard nothing. I put my hand on the doorknob and tried turning it, but it was locked and wouldn't budge. I was still curious so I didn't want to give up without seeing what was inside. I'm also sure they said something about Shina. The only Shina I know is her, Shina Hayashi. It can't be, right?

Seeing as how I was unable to open the storage closet as it was locked I figured the spare key would be in the Teacher's Lounge, so I head in that direction. Arriving at the Teacher's Lounge I open the sliding door and enter and check for any lingering teachers. KoiBane-sensei was sitting at his desk filling out some papers, so I went up to him to ask for a spare key for the storage closet on the 2nd floor near the boy's bathroom.

"Sensei, do you have a spare key for the 2nd floor's storage closet? The one near the boy's bathroom."

KoiBane-sensei turns his head to me and smiles a wicked smile.

"Oh? How rare for you, Yukimura-kun to ask for something like that!" KoiBane-sensei responds in an excited voice.


"What do you need it for?"

KoiBane-sensei gave me an extremely suspicious look. Thinking it would be troublesome, I gave an excuse.

"I thought about sweeping the library a bit as it was getting dirty and I don't have the key to the storage closet."

"Hmm... Alright then, here take it. Don't cause any messes~!"

KoiBane-sensei still seemed suspicious but he still gives me the key. He slipped in a comment that seemed to imply something dirty, so I ignore his words. I take the key and thank KoiBane-sensei before leaving to go back to the storage closet. I could vaguely feel KoiBane-sensei's gaze as I walked out the door of the Teacher's Lounge.

The End

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