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I ended up going to all my classes later than usual. I couldn't help it my mind kept wandering off. I couldn't stop thinking about the long black haired, green eyed girl. I couldn't comprehend it. Through each class that I sat through she would be sitting next to me; I could no longer call it a coincidence of fate, but rather it was fate. Each time she sat next to me the anxiety in myself boiled up and my gaze wandered to her throughout each period. However, each time my gaze did wander I would face else where to distract myself. I took notes furiously to keep my gaze off of her. It was the first time I was so anxious. My heart wouldn't stop throbbing.

Finally through the first half of my classes of the day, it was now lunch time, a perfect time to get my mind off the girl who had been sitting next to me. I still couldn't remember her name. For now though I would rather not think about it and go eat lunch.

Taking out my earphones that I stuck inside my bag that was still sitting in the classroom I put them in my ears. I clicked the music player and random music started playing out. After setting my music player to randomize, I stuffed it into my pockets and took out a novel book from my bag as well while leaving all the unwanted books inside. I grabbed my lunch box, bento from my class cupboard.

Each student in the school was assigned a cupboard that has no lock as it was common in Japanese schools to have open cupboards and usually non-important things were stuffed in it. These cupboards were usually stationed near the back of the classroom. Thieving did not happen often in these schools because of the merit issue in Japan.

Taking my book and bento box with me, I headed to the library along the way I spotted the girl with black hair. I saw her take a bento box from her cupboard in the classroom as well just as I was leaving the through the door. I don't know the reaon why but I continued to stare at her as she took her own bento from the cupboard. However, I noticed that she had a somewhat unpleasant look on her face but she flicked it off and continued to use her poker face. Her poker face was plain and had no smile, different to how she laughed at me this morning.

Something must've happened, but I souldn't pry into such matters when I barely knew the girl, much less when I couldn't remembered her name. She turned and walked towards the door with her bento box in hand. Hastily I look away and pretended to go back into the classroom as if I was forgetting something. She gave me a glance that was obviously suspicious of me but I pretended not to notice. After she had left I turned to where she had gotten her bento box from and there I saw her name written on the cupboard.

Shina Hayashi. The name was written using the Kanji from virtue and good, while her last name was written to mean forest. It was an unusual name but somehow it fit her image of a good girl. Looking closely at the cupboard I noticed that the inside of the cupboard was slightly damaged. Could she be possibly being bullied?


I could only stare at the cupboard in comtemplation. Shaking off my thoughts, I headed to the library private room to eat my lunch before lunch time is over. As I walked along the hall of the school I passed by several students who were whispering amongst themselves. I couldn't really hear what the students were saying as my ears were being plugged by my earphones. Passing by several classroom doors that were filled with some students eatting together on the desks I arrived at the library door. I pulled open the sliding door and went inside the library and swiftly went behind the library counter towards the private back room and unlocked it with the spare key I recieved from the Teacher's Lounge.

The library's private room had a simple table and a few chairs open. The rest of the extra chairs sat to the side folded together. There was also some storages set on the wall to the right side near the chairs. The storages carried any official documents needed for the club management and any other things that involved the library work.

I closed the door behind me and sat down on the chair and laid my bento box on the table and began eatting while listening to music. After I had finished eatting I began to read the book that I had brought along with me.

After some time had passed I heard a knock on the door of the private library room. Who could it be?

Sighing I get up from the chair after taking off my earphones and open the door and in front of me is the girl, Shina Hayashi. My eyes widened in surprise. How many times must I see her face today? My heart began to race from the unexpected meeting. I had not planned on seeing her during lunch time it was the reason as to why I came to the library's private room in the first place!

"Wha..." I muttered.

"Is this the Library Management Club?" she faintly asked.


"Would it be possible for me to join?"


She looked at me with her blank face.

Each word she spoke to me made my heart beat even faster. What is this?

"Do I need to sign a form?"

"Ah... Yeah, umm... Here. Just sign this and turn it into the Teacher's Lounge and you should be a member..."

I take out an extra form from one of the storages to the right as I tell her this. I hand the form to her and she takes it from my hand without batting an eye. When her hand touches mine, I could feel the softness of her slender fingers as they briefly rubbed my rough fingers and pressed onto the paper to take it from me.

"Thank you."

She takes the form and leaves after saying just those words to me. Her hair sways as she turns around and heads back out the door a sweet scent follows her. I watch her leave and then I slowly close the door and sit back down on my chair by the table. What exactly just happened, just now?

Why does she want to join the Library Management Club?

Nobody wanted to join the club which was the sole reason why I chose to join it and yet suddenly, Shina Hayashi, wants to join the club! It was unthinkable, unfathomable to join a club as boring as the Library Management Club. Could she be plotting something to harrass me more than she is now? My heart was beating faster than before. This could be bad... I might not be able to stand it anymore. Just what is this nagging feeling inside me?

I put my hand on my head and sigh into it. I feel hot.

"Seriously... Just what is this?"

The End

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