Enter: Gypsy-Poggle

Once upon a time (for my father would always start like this, however much I complained), Miriam-Poggle heard a knock at her little door.

"I must just go and see who that is," she said to herself. "I expect it's Gypsy come for tea - I think she said she was coming today?" She scurried down the hall, straightening her little green dress as she went.

Sure enough, as Miriam-Poggle opened the door she found Gypsy-Poggle standing there. In her hand she held a bunch of pods.

"Hello! Come in!" The two friends hugged each other and walked down the corridor towards the kitchen. Gypsy-Poggle had brought a special gift: a bunch of popsickles, which were a delicacy to Miriam-Poggle, because she lived so far from the bush.

(contrary to popular belief, these were not alcoholic. Nor were they available among humans; the name had been borrowed. These were a natural product, and extremely refreshing, too)

"Thank you so much," said Miriam-Poggle, as she took the pods. "You'll share with me?"

"Of course," replied Gypsy-Poggle, smiling prettily. They took two silver bowls from a cupboard. Unlike the young male poggles, who would drink directly from the pod, these two girls were well brought up, and preferred to drink in a ladylike manner.

Together they popped the juicy pods into the bowls and sipped the clear, cool liquid. A sweet taste, not unlike pear juice but as refreshing as water, spread across their tongues, and they smiled in delight.

"Nothing tastes better than a fresh Popsickle," said Miriam-Poggle, smiling.

The End

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