Meet Miriam-Poggle, Our Heroine

Our focus is, at present, a young poggle named Miriam-Poggle. She was, in human terms, about three years old. This was, for Poggles, about eleven or twelve. Due to their shorter lifespan, they tended to grow up more quickly.

She lived, however, alone, because all poggles did. It wasn't that they didn't enjoy living with their parents, it was just that it wasn't the done thing. Nor did they have to go to school. Humans would consider it a benefit, but poggles had no opinion on the matter. They didn't know what school was.

Miriam-Poggle lived in a lovely little house. It was reached by means of an entrance hidden under the large, gnarled roots of an oak tree. To open the door, one simply had to press on the root and the hidden door would swing open.

A poggle would then find his or herself in a long corridor, tastefully decorated. It led to Miriam-Poggle's bedroom, kitchen, sitting room and music room. But most importantly, it led to her study.

She had inherited the house from a relative. No one really knew who it was, and no one questioned, either. That was the way the poggles lived. They didn't worry about the deep philosophical questions in life, instead preferring to live for the present, not the past.

Though she was so young, Miriam-Poggle was in fact very important. It would be a while, however, before this importance came to the eyes of the Poggle Leaders.

The End

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