The Poggles

The Poggles lived in a forest, about two miles South of a human town. They were careful to remain hidden, which wasn't hard, most of the time. Poggles were only four to eight inches high, and so avoided detection. Besides, humans were so noisy that you could hear them coming from miles away. At least, you could if you had Poggle hearing.

They were strange looking creatures, the Poggles. Tiny things, less than a foot high, with curious, jolly faces. They had three - there's no word for it, really - objects on their faces: cylindrical ... things, one on each side of the face for ears, and one in the centre for a nose. These were called wurzels. Their eyes were green or blue, and they had dark green hair.

Their skin was a curious colour, a sort of brown that would shift to camouflage with their surroundings. Instead of fingers and toes they had digits known as flicks and flacks (fingers and toes). Each had an extra joint to make them flexible for forest living.

Despite their bizarre, and often quite scary, appearance, Poggles were gentle creatures. They wouldn't hurt another living creature unless there was no other choice, and were fond of music, books and the sort of parties where everyone just sits around talking, perhaps with a little dancing, too.

Oh, and they were fond of food. Very, very fond of food.

These Poggles lived in curious little houses concealed at the roots of trees ... but that brings us to our next chapter, and so you will have to wait.

(This would be the point where I, as a child, would groan at having to go to bed, but you needn't do so, because I'm about to post that chapter! :))

The End

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