The Poggle Stories - Book 1

I know you're probably tired of seeing 'Introduction' pages when really you just want to get on with the story, but I need to explain the history behind the Poggles.

When I was little, my dad used to tell me these elaborate bedtime stories about  strange creatures called 'Poggles'. We used to have episode after episode, even though, a few weeks after one episode, we'd never be able to remember the characters' names.

I've always said he should write them down, but neither of us ever did. Finally, they're here: here to be shared with the rest of the world. I've had to use my imagination several times, because to be honest, I can't remember the storylines either.

These are stories for children. But I think you'll enjoy them too. We're all young at heart, even when our hair is grey and wrinkles take over the skin on our face.

Just remember that once, you were a little girl kneeling eagerly on her bed as her father told her stories that dragged on for hours and hours, until he at last fell asleep and carried on talking.

(This once led to a notable incident when he continued to speak, and told me, "Then they went to the aluminium yard." I, being seven, said, "What's that?" He woke up, with no recollection of the event. It's become a family legend.)



The End

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