The Plutonian WarMature

This story begins, as most often do, with new beginnings, but to understand where we are in this story, one must first see where we came from. The year that changed the Human Race was, 2072 and what a prosperous and magnificent year it was. It had been ten years since the end of the dreadful fourteen year, War of Religions and the destruction of the American Empire, and for the first time in almost all of human history, the world was at peace. Instead of creating ever repulsively beautiful means of destroying one another, the Human Race diverted its attention to bettering the world; the Greenhouse Effect is now a thing taught in History classes alongside such ancient times as 'democracy' and 'captialism'. Supreme Governor Arnold Reinarch sent the British and German Defence Forces to sweep across the continent of Africa in a bid to do what should have been done years ago and offer aid to the world's most needy and desperate place. This is no easy task, but in six years time, Africa will be one of the most productive countries on the planet, and this comes hand in hand with the general acceptance of the use of Genetically Modified crops, the great deserts will soon become great fields for as far as the human eye can see.

Although the future of the Human Race has been drastically changed for the better in this year, it has not been made without looking to the past. Instead of bulky and destructive automobiles, horses and carts and newly designed hovver stage coaches dominate the streets through out the world road traffic collisions are now a thing of memory, and beneathe the new planetary government of the Governors of Earth, every country, every man, woman, and child contributes to the future. It is an age of learning, of creating, of work and hard labour, and it is an age of questions and answers. With no war's to be fought the tax is at an all time low, and money seems to have never been more abundent. With so much funding from individual countries Lords and from the High Government itself, the age old dream of man walking amongst the stars has never been closer to realisation.

In 2080, the Luna Base will have been finally completed, stretching across the moon's surface in a octagon of seven kilometers it houses roughly a thousand people of all creeds and backgrounds. The Luna Base soon becomes a well established community, regularly updating and monitering nearby planets and space in general. Along with the success of the Luna Base, a Scottish scientist finally uses a mixture of imagination and his knowledge to create machine which will enable ships to travel through space in mere hours rather than weeks and months and he aptly names the device the "Warp Drive" and thus comes the completion of the very first Mammoth Star Ships. Three are made to begin with, they travel from Earth to Mars in six hours and place a small becon which Governor Reinarch hopes will be picked up by any other lifeforms within the system.

The Mammoth class ships make their journey hope successfully and within the next ten years, as Governor Reinarch dies and his station is filled by the younger Samuel Hitchcock, factories begin churning out new and ever better Starships ranging from small cargo transporters to large warships, (The Governor felt it was better to be safe than sorry for one never truely knows what is around the corner) to smaller and more comfortable cruisers for the wealthy and important.

I implore the reader's attention for but a moment longer, as this prelude to our story grinds on and I wish to impress upon you that it is essential for you to understand just where we came from to see how we have reached this place we are at now.

With the turn of a new centurary and as yet a new Governor steps up to office, the very first Terraformer is created. It is a complex and bulky machine, but one that is, as was then argued by many, the biggest breakthrough since the invention of the wheel. The Terraformer is a machine which can be placed upon a planet with the right mixture of chemicals and such, creates an atmosphere and vegetation like that of Earth. With the terraforming complete, it takes only months before the planet is finally deemed safe for humans and animals alike to live upon. The first planet to be successfully terraformed is the Red Planet - Mars.  By 2106, Mars had a population of nerely 100,000 people.

The End

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