In the tower... BOO!!

(The ghosty music plays while a boy enters from one side fo the stage into the dark, while two girls, not knowing they are two, enter from the other.

The boy backs away from the entrance, glancing around uselessly in the dark.The other girls do aswell. Finally, one girl bumps into the other, and in turn the girl bumps into the boy. They scream simultaneously.

The boy, first one to recover, jumps up to the front.

"Thou stand and unfold yourself!" shouted the boy. A gril also bounces forward.

"Ney, thou stand and unfold yourself!" cried a girl. The boy glares ta her in annoyance. Spooky music stops.

"Stop, NUCKLOFYING(faking) me and GET your own line!" howled the boy. Then he paused and cocked his head to one side."Francisco?"

"Hello, who's asking?" the girl replied uncertainly.

"T'is I, Horatio, companion of the great Prince Hamlet." annouced the boy, Horatio, grandly.

"Wait Horatio?" piped up the other girl at the back.

"Ronaldo?" asked Francsico.

"Francsico?" the girl cried.

"Ronaldo?" Horatio said.

"Horatio?"Ronaldo cried.




"Slaam - a - lekum!(greetings!)" they chorused together, bringing a hand to their foreheads in salute.

"You come quietly upon your hour." commented Ronaldo, walking up to meet them.

"T'is now, the time of the witching hour," agreed Horatio. "But I thought I had heard the steps of thy King Hamlet, the late.Wait! I hear him coming!"

Ghost music begins again as Hamlets father(played by a girl) enters from where Ronaldo and Francisco entered.

"Haaaaaml - " the ghost began, stretching out her hand.

"Its really truly him!" cried Ronaldo.

"Haaaaaml-" the ghost tried again, and sighed in annoyance when she was interupted.

"But how do we be so sure, friends?" Francisco warned, edging way fro the ghost. The ghost tried AGAIN.


"Speak! Thy nightly ghost! Speak!"yelled Horatio.

The ghost did not reply in annoyance. "Speak!Speak! Speak!"

The ghost finally attempted to say the name. "Haaaaamle-"

"SPEAK!!!!" screamed Horatio and the ghost stamped her foot. Then a cock's crow is heard, and the spooky music starts again.

"Then, " said Francisco, suddenly narrator," the cock's crow was heard, a time in which all ghosts must leave to wherever they must go."

"The ghost is leaving!" cried Ronaldo frantically, as the ghost passed right behond them. Horatio yawned.

"Really?" he said sleepily, then caught the sight of the ghost almost gone.

"Hey, wait wait wait wait come back!" he yelled, but she was gone.

"Yeah, he's gone." Horatio admitted.

"So do you really think that was Hamlet the first?" Francisco asked doubtfully.

"Maybe. I say we tell the Lord Hamlet of these happenings. Look here he comes!"Horatio said.

Boy 1 and the gurd enter, still on Dhinka Chika and Hamlet following. They begin the bhngra again, with Ronaldo and Francisco doing a fast forward hula. It pauses at the same moment.

" I, Hamlet, have arrived. Prince and ruler of Denmark." Hamlet boasted.

The three amigos take one look at him, and snort.

"Whatever!" they say in unison, and leave the stage.

"Show off!" Francisco hollered behind her shoulder.

"A big one!" yelled Ronaldo.

"P - CACK!" squawked Horatio, and they all left. The guards leave too, and Hamlet is left alone .

The End

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