The play and parody of Hamlet!!

Hamlet - with style, and a few Desi words.

Girl and 4 boys walk on stage. Girl clears her throat.

"Welcome, everyone to the Hamlet parody! Please welcome our actors!" cried the girl, smiling at the audience. "This is our Hamlet parody!"

"This is a story of maaaadness." said a boy, making the 'cuckoo' motion.

"This is a story of betrayal!" cried the second boy, faking a swoon.

"This is a story of a swordfight!" shouted the third, pretending to stab himself in the chest.

"Aw, man, wait till you see that swordfight!" yelled the final boy enthusiastically. " See, Basil and I are gonna have a swordfight, where He gets dwon and I punch him in the face!" He mimed punching someone. The girl cleared her throat.
"See, I don't actually punch him.Its all an illUUUSION. And-"

"Excuse me?" snapped the girl.

"Sorry." Said the boy, looking surprised he had offnded her. She rolled  her eyes.

"And so now, " she shouted, "We introduce you lord Hamlet!!!"

A guard walks on stage, tweaking his collar in tune with the song Dhinka Chika and Boy 1 joins him. Hamlet walks on stage, poofing out his chest. When it gets to the drum beat part, they start to do the bhangra, right until where the words begin.

Hamlet cleared his throat and strode about cneter.

"I," he enunciated, "am Lord Hamlet. The dazing, the dazzling, and the daring."

"Buster," the girl sighed, holding his shoulder, "Stop blowing your own horn!"

"Chupeh!(Shut up!)" snapped Hamlet, violently shaking her off. She retreated to the back, and Hamlet stormed offstage.

"Alright," the girl cried, "Places!" The boys assemble from there haphazard positions.

"Actors!Prepare excersises!" ordered the girl, and two boys begin doing push ups. The others begin squaking and squealing.

"Stop!" shouted the girl. They froze.

"Stop!Laugh!" Everybody backstage roars with laughter.The boys all do too.

"Stop! Cry!" Everybody backstage wails and crys.The boys all do too.

"Stop! Laugh!" Everybody backstage roars with laughter.The boys all do too.

"Stop! Cry!" Everybody backstage wails and crys. The boys all do too.

"Stop! Go mad!" Everybody screams and yells and snorts and - well... goes mad. The boys begin running and jumping and one crashes o the floor, and the other drives a motorcycle.

"Stop! And on your mark, get set.... ACT!" the girl shouted. The boys run offstage, and one boy pauses, jumping into a frezeframe, then runs of.

The girl sighed, then slowly wlked offstage. "Summer. Midnight, at the tower..." she said mysteriosuly, and she exits.

The End

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