The Last Story...Mature

This book..does it contain my life?  I opened the book in a different place.

" It was the happiest day of her life, he was the most handsome and most important man in the village. She was 14 and he was 16 but in these times they were considered old. The celtic songs floated past them as they danced on their wedding day. Nothing bad was to come out this day and little did she realise just how much Sigurad adored her." Tears filled my eyes. I was reading my life story that I had no idea of. My past was a mystery. Yes, I'd remembered this but...I didn't realise this in that way. I was 14 I'm now 17. How long have I been 17? I flicked to another page.

"She danced in the woods as her husband was away fighting the romans and her children were growing up fast, she had two. Greta and Fent. Fent was the oldest and at 11 joined his dad in the fight. Greta was in the woods with Willow and they were both looking for the place. The place Willow always looked for. The one in her lullaby."

My lullaby...The one my mother sang me. Her voice of musical notes floated around me as the words touched my heart.
"If you look, far away. Hidden in depths, find the place. Beneath the trees, fly sparrow, fly. Saoirse" Saoirse meaning freedom. But this place isn't free.

Suddenly the big oak doors that I'd failed to spot burst open and there was Helena. She ran at me as we hugged each other, seeming as if we'd never let go. Finn had to rescue one, but we were both here....A final goodbye hug that I could hope she would pass on, then Finn arrived.

"FINN!!" I shouted his name and flew at him, we held such a strong embrace. Tears streamed down my face as I knew this was goodbye. He had to take Helena home. "I'm sorry," He whispered in my ear. "Fachtna killed Elair, but he wasn't called Elair." My heart stopped as I listened to what Finn said next. "He was called Sigurad." I collapsed as Finn caught me, my heart had broken, all these years and Sigurad was here. I felt a fool. Facthna's laugh filled the background. "I see you've found out Elair's true identity" My broken heart was wrenched from my chest. How could he! Facthna then whistled the tune of my lullaby, it made me freeze. But I saw the arrow fly towards Helena. As in slow motion I pulled myself from Finn's arms, stood in front of Helena. A burst of fire expoloded within me. Peace calmed it.

I wouldn't let Finn go through what I've been through. Sigurad's image appeared to me, as much I love Finn, my  life was with Sigurad. I followed him, I followed him to home.


The End

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