The LibraryMature

Looking around as the fog cleared. I saw I was in a library, rows and rows of books were leading down a long corrider of the wide room. I'd never seen so many books...all leather binded with gold or silver thread.

I walked through the books,brushing my hand over the old books, just scanning the names. Harold....Daisy....Abigail....Baria...Dominique....Luca....Leannan...I took a step backward. Leannan? I took the book and opened it.

"She was a young farm girl, She loved the one who turned dark. The summer springs by the waterfall where they met was where he saved her life. She ran from him when he found the place."

I snapped the book shut. It was the one who Factna had loved. I felt intrusive reading it but at the same time I was interested. Battling my emotions I put the book back. Looking down the rows of books there was a figure, they were holding a book. It was one of the fatter books. Pages were falling out, twisted and decaying.
 I walked over to the figure, when I saw who it was I took a step back.

Sigurad. I walked over to him. I know he was just a figure that wasn't there. I gently took the book of him, staring at the ghostly figure. I got to look at what I'd missed when I'd been dragged from my time.  His grey eyes stared knowingly at me with kindness and as I looked at him, his hand grazed my cheek, before saying goodbye, and turned round and walked down the book corridors where two children ran to meet him, Greta and Fent. Tears entered my eyes as I realise the life that had been cruely snatched away from me. Looking down at the red book with gold binding I read the title in golden, italic font; Willow. The book opened on the last page.

"An arrow flew towards them, one each. Save one. She knew what to do. As the blood seeped onto the floor she whispered her last words"

I snapped the book shut. What did this mean....was I to die?

The End

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