A little bit of romance before the war.Mature

"What's that?" Finn's voice was sincere, and serious. I looked at him, assessing my feelings I took a deep breath. I know what I want, I can feel it.
"I want..I want to get out of here, to be with you." I tried to get my sentance out as quickly as I could. I looked away, hoping he didn't think me stupid. Finn put his hand on my cheek and made me face him.
I searched his eyes, no words just that look. The look of trust, telling me that he felt the same. Then just like that we kissed. 

A cold chill broke us apart. There were millions of butterflies surrounding us. I grabbed Finn's hand as he looked bewilderedly around. Fachtna was in the midst of them with a person-a girl. She was being held by her neck, her hair flowing in the gust of butterflies. Scared had hold of her and she looked petrified. It was Helena. Finn shouted for her, but she could make no reply-Fachtna had a strong grip on her.

"Let's play a game boy, your sister or the wild girl you hardly know." Facthna's smile was malicious. I tried to go towards him, I wanting to take the smile of his face but Finn stopped me. "How does the game work?" He asked, voice full of courage.
Fachtna's smile spread even wider. "Good, you want to play" He was almost purring with delight. "It's a game of choice, I'll hide the girls, the one you find is yours, the other I keep....find none in three days....well, you all stay" Finn almost fell over, he started to sway. I didn't know what to do. "No." I said, then again, louder. "NO"
This didn't sway Facthna. "Yes, this will happen, find them. Three days." He seemed determind to pull my heart apart. "Time to fly my sparrow" I wanted to scream...I tried to call to Finn.

Too late.

Where am I? Lost in the darkness, I can't scream out. Finn, Helena.....Sigurad. My Life.

The End

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