The Trust IssuesMature

A twig snapped, and Helena stepped away from me. " She's waiting for you, you know. Don't blow it with her." She gave me a watery smile and turned and walked away.

I turned around, and her face lit up, closely followed by a controlled gaze. She was upset with me.  "Who is she?" she said, her face turned to the floor.  I lifted her chin with one finger. " She's my sister.  Her name's Helena."  

"Really? Because I've heard that so many times.." she replied, her voice laced with scepticism.   " She's my sister, Willow. I promise you. "  "How will you prove it to me?" she said. "How do I trust you, when you kept me in the dark about her?"  She sighed, and turned to leave. I caught her elbow. " Please, Willow. Believe me. " 

She sat a while. She'd told me she needed time, to battle with what she was to do.

Suddenly she turned, her eyes wide.  " I know what I want," she said.

The End

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