Finn looked shocked. His words forming in his mind but silent on his lips. Reading them I could make out one word-Helena.
He forced himself back to reality, looked at me then where she had run. His decision had been made; he ran after her. I was left. As I saw him hurtle after her, dissapearing in the undergrowth, I felt jealous. Who was she? What did she mean by me being a replacement? It was hard to understand for me.
 I felt bitterness twist my stomach, why? I thought and realised I hardly knew him. Why was I so worked up. I tried containing tears, but on slipped out and then another.

Suddenly I felt something-or someone behind me. I turned and there was a ghost...It must have been a ghost or an illusion. It was Sigurad. His thoughtful eyes, the way he looked at me, I was the only one who got that look. The slight turn of the lips like a smile. I tried to call out but his name was like a breath exhaled from my mouth. Before I fully knew what happened, he'd vanished.


I ran to find him but when I did. He was a way up the river, comferting Helena. He looked into the distance, across the river. I felt rude to intervine. I watched from the distance. I wasn't the only one.

So was Fachtna.

The End

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