Folie a DeuxMature

I followed her to the trees, staying behind the trunk of a large oak tree, just watching her.

She was sat under a willow tree, her namesake. She pulled her knees to her chest, resting her forehead there. Suddenly, a dark tear streaked the material of her dress, pulled over the left knee. Another crisscrossed it, and I turned away, leaving her in privacy with her emotions. I didn't know what she saw in that dream, but it had affected her. 

Suddenly, she was at my back, wiping a tear from her nose.  "It's okay, Finn. I'm okay." she said, entreating me.  " I just remembered someone from so long ago."  She bit her lip. " I can't let you go over this."   I stepped closer, wary. " Tell me about him. " Her face fell.  " We were something of an item, as you say now. He was smart and brave and honest, so honest, almost blunt.  We grew up together, matured in each other's worlds. I didn't remember him until now." 

She bit back a sigh.  " But he's gone. And you're here, all I ever wanted."  She stepped foward, and hugged me. Then, a snapping twig made me jump and whirl round. Helena was standing there, a fractured twig piece in each hand. Her blue eyes were stony, and her stance defeated.  " Is this our replacement?" she said, sadly. " I knew they'd drive you away in the end. I just never thought my replacement would be so beautiful. " Then, she ran away, hurling the twigs deep into the undergrowth. 

The End

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