The tying of our wrists together, the look he gave me, the scents, smiles and love that occurred. The watchful eyes of the tribe, the only face I can pick out and recognise is my mothers. She smiles at me-the reassuring smile that means everything is alright.

The dancing that night, the fire burning and the scent of the fire-sharp due to the plants put in the fire. Still attached we danced the night away, the gaelic songs filling my ears. The happiest night of my life. He pulled me closer and we kissed.

I'd been married. Finn was next to me-and..and I was married!? I looked into his eyes, feelings were leaping all over the place. "what's wrong...?" Finn reached a hand towards me, to touch my cheek but I flinched. A tear rolled down my cheek. "Willow.." The name made me startled, it wasn't in his voice. It was in Sigurads voice, my husband. An image entered my brain. The laughing Sigurad, how much I loved/love him. He'd be dead now-how have I forgotten him for so long. Finn is sending me anxious glances.

 I love Finn.

I can't deal with this. I get up and run to my thinking spot. A willow tree by the river, the tree bent right over the leaves dissapear into the river. A little safe world.

The End

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