The past...returningMature

To be free that's all I want. Elair knows more than he shares, he came here after me. However he gained Fachtna's trust though and since he destroyed it has been locked in the woods. I just cried as Finn held me. All I wanted has been taken. Where are my family-what happened?

A sudden falsh back came. I could hear the horses, smell the wet earth, the screams so loud as the flash of red on the horses came by. Then it was gone and I was back in the woods with Finn. "Are you ok?" He looked shocked. "you froze and went ridged." He looked straight through me-like he was analysing my very soul. I shook my head and then tried to bury myself into his arms. He let me but murmered into my hair about how it was going to be alright.

We sat there, him mulling over this business and me wondering about the flash back and if I'd get another. I started humming a tune, I could vaguely recall it from my mother and soon we'd fallen asleep.

I was small-A child. Mother was cleaning the house and I was playing with a friend. I was happy, but then the strangers came. The evil ones with their devil language, riding on their horses. The men had gone out for the day. They fought the helpless and took over the villageI saw one attck my mother who shouted at me to run. I ran-so fast and far.

I awoke and looked at the sky-I was starting to remember, but why? After so long. But how did I get here? I looked at Finn sleeping silently and just watched him, he looked as if all the cares were erased from him and peacefully slept on. I decided I couldn't tell him-not yet.

The End

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