Pain flared through me. It hurt but I kept pressing through. My body became weak and then nothing.

When I awoke I was being cradled, tears dripping onto my face. "Williow..." I heard a whisper. I made a noise. Finn's eyes lit up. I felt weak, what happened? " You're okay" I felt him relax. Pain shot into my head. I gasped. Finn grabbed my shoulder's protectively. "It's okay" I heard him say. We nearly got out, I could feel that but why couldn't I escaped. There's only two who would know. Him and the lost soul of 1963.  I had to show Finn.

Together we set off back in the woods. Both in deep silence. We found the log house. Luckily Finn didn't ask questions as I slowly opened the door, the varnish peeling away at my hand. "Soul" I whispered into the darkness. I heard the chair rock three times-our signal. I beckond Finn in.

Into the darkness and into the terrible truth.

The End

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