A pleaMature

I wondered round the woods in circles. How can I be lost? I've travelled these woods since my arrive. I'm frantic, my brain scatters thoughts all over the place. "FINN!" I shout, whisper, yell. Oh where has he gone!?

I hear a noise and in my rush hide in a bush-clumsily.Too noisily, I thought. As I jumped into the hedge I fell right through and landed by a lake. Cautiously I looked in. A face stared back. She looked as startled as I felt. He frizzy red hair stuck out like a mane and her clear blue eyes were full of fear and worry. She was mucky, I scooped up the water and began furiously rubbing my face, arms and legs- too get rid of this muck. The water rippled harshly and when I looked back there were two reflections. My own, again, but this time I was slightly cleaner. Behind me was Finn! He was smiling, he had a cut bleeding on his head. We both stared at our reflections, me kneeling by the lake and him standing. I shot up when reality hit me. Turning round I started batting him with my fists against his chest. "Where have you been!?" I nearly screamed at him. "I thought you'd been taken..or....or killed" the last word came out as a sob, I looked into his eyes and finally took in the cut. "You're hurt" I reached to touch it. He flinched. "Sorry.." I started. He looked away and stared at a tree, absent. "It's nothing, just my bastard of a dad." I looked astonished. His dad did this. Finn walked over and hugged me.

We just stood there. Dwelling in each others sadness. "help me" I muffled. Finn looked startled. "Help me" I repeated. "I want to escape from this place"

The End

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