My sparrow's mistakeMature

I slumped to the floor as Finn passed me. Tears streaked my face, caressing my cheeks and dropping off my jaw. He marched down the stairs, each thump as he hit the stair tugged at my heart.

"Well, well my sparrow. What have we done?" I  couldn't look at it. But the shadow arrived closer. It whispered in my ear "I rescued you, I gave you eternal life-eternal youth. I made you safe." The words were spun like silk. Then the whole house started to shake as the shadow shouted "And THIS is how YOU repay ME?" I shook slightly. "You don't own me." I said silently, shaking. The shadow looked amused, "What was that?" I stood up, harshly wiped the tears from my eyes, anger filling me. I repeated-louder. "You don't own me," I emphised my words. "You stole me, I won't let you steal him too" The shadow's laugh echoed round the house. "Something tells me you have a soft spot for him" I cringed. But it was true. I had to find Finn-to tell him. I know he can help.

I ran out the house, into the night. To find Finn.

The End

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