Jumping to ConfusionsMature

My head pounded, and I surprised myself by feeling my eyes burn with tears. What was that shadow? Why had Willow brought me here? I felt betrayed, funnily. I shrugged it off.  I didn't even know her! Still the hurt pierced through my thoughts. The corridor was lined with doors,  in various states of disrepair. I stopped. Even as I watched, the corridor unfurled away from me, and doors sprang up along its length. I tried the nearest door to me, in a last attempt to get away. The doorknob clicked, but no matter how hard I tried, the door remained stubbornly shut.  Then, the air froze, sending ice down my collar, in my hair. " So, you're running away, are you? Its not going to work, you know. You may as well just face it! Open the door to your right this time.  I promise you, you'll change your mind if you do. " "NO!" Willow hit the top of the stairs and froze, her face streaked with tears. A hand materialised on my shoulder, and I flinched away. " Go on, what's the worst that could happen?" it whispered.  " Finn, please. Please, if you know what's good for you, don't open that door." " Don't listen to her, she's just a little bird I found on the road." it hissed, evidently peturbed by Willow's insistence.

I was torn. Who do I listen to? A shadow, a figment of my mind, or Willow, the one that got me here, trapped me in this house where nothing is as it seems? " Finn, please. You have a family, a life ahead of you." she begged, her open hands entreating me to follow her back downstairs. " I'm sorry, " I said, " I just can't do this." I pushed past her down the stairs, and ran out of the open door.

When the house was a dot in the distance, I stopped, trying desperately to catch my breath. My eyes stung with tears, and my heart was still beating nineteen to the dozen.  My head was racing, trying desperately to comprehend what I'd just seen. Was I mad? Or was this all real?

The End

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