Willow's roomMature

Finn looked round stunned, I wondered how. The chandelier had always interested me, how it scatters the magical light of rainbows round the room. I looked over, Finn's mouth was wide open staring round the room.  I laughed out loud.

"What is this room?" His answer is quite tentitive. Sadness suddenly overwealms me, I shouldn't of shown him this place. It's bad. I crept over to the window, silently as I could. I've always moved round this place silently. Sometimes I feel like a ghost. I jumped on the bed. Finn was still stood in the doorway, curiously watching me. I look down and play with the curls of my hair. Deep breath. "It's...It's my room" I look up. Finn looks surprised. I watch as a lost butterfly flies from the chanderlier out the door. Oh no. Shock must of crossed my face as Finn asked "what's up?" But before I could answer a chill crossed the room.

A voice filled the room, "well what do we have here, my fiery little sparrow" Finn looked around-scared. The door shut behind him, so we were trapped. "Willow" Finn whispered. I could only look at him pleadingly. The rainbows had gone, the room was filled with darkness and everything looked sinister. "Oh, Little sparrow, have you lost your voice, though you never really talk do you?" I sat silent, stubborn. Although frightened, but I won't show this monster that. A shadow crossed the room, it will never belong me. The shadow circled Finn, surveying him. "My, my sparrow, what have you brought me?" Finn looked accusingly at me, though his eyes pleaded for help.  The butterfly that had ratted me out earlier sat on the shoulder of the shadow as it turned to the shape of a person. "I can't deal with this" Finn's voice rang clear, breaking the tension. He walked towards the supposedly locked door. Where did his fear go? Opened it and strolled out. "My sparrow, keep him here" With that the shadow dissapered. Tears choked my eyes, I couldn't. Yet I had no choice. He takes everyone. I had to find Finn-before he finds his room.

"Finn!" I yell and run up the stairs after him.

The End

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