The HouseMature

I ran through the woods and greenery. I was sure this strange person-Finn, was following me. Hurtling through the undergrowth I felt joyous. I trust him.

"Wait!" I heard him shout, but I just laughed and continued. This is where I live, I know he won't understand but I had to show him.

I stopped abruptly, facing the grotesque, gothic, tall building in front of me. The house keeps an area of no greenery in about 5 metres around it. It's historical feel has dissapered as it slowly decays. A face enters the window and looks out, it seems haunted. We all are.

"Hey" Finn's voice startled me. "Willow, where are we?" I'm still getting used to my name. I have one now. It sounds odd. Trying to form the words is something I'm not used to. "Home" I say cautiously and hope I'm right. The truth is, it's not. My home has been lost-when I arrived although I don't remember. Finn looks at me, trying to study me-work out my thoughts. I know he doesn't believe me, who would? A strange, half-wild girl calls a decaying building home....Put me in an asylum. (whatever that is, I've heard another trapped say this).

I don't want to enter, I know Finn senses this, but he is curious to this place. I gather up my courage-hoping that he won't keep this inquisitive guest, and open the creaking door to the dusty hallway.

The End

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