My mind reeled. How..?  "What's your name?" I said, quietly. She had the look of a spooked horse- one false move and she'd bolt. She shook her head, turning her face to the floor. She looked erethreal, with wide blue eyes and flaming red hair tumbling around her face, pale and smeared with mud.  She was all angles too,  small and light enough I was surprised she hadn't been blown off the branch.  I inched across the branch towards her, and her face blanched. "It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you, " I reassured her.  She looked at me curiously. I ran a hand through my hair in thought. I wasn't used to this, the silence, the wary glances. Girls usually fell at my feet, chattering nineteen to the dozen about how handsome I was. The silence was like a breath of fresh air. For the first time in my life, I was nervous around a girl. I wanted to know what she was thinking when she pulled away from me.

"Do you not know your name?" I said, softly. She shook her head, tears beginning to form in her eyes.  " Well, we can't have you having no name, " I said, wracking my brain for a name, something that would embody this mysterious, terrified girl.    

        " Willow" I breathed, without even thinking twice. Her eyes lit up, and a soft smile began to creep across her face. " Willow," she repeated, testing the sounds in her mouth.  Her voice was surprisingly low, breathy and lilting.  I felt my heart stumble a little, and my grip on the branch loosened.  Then she did something that startled me. She laughed, a light, musical laugh that seemed to carry around the glade on the wind. She leaned forward, her hair swinging around her face, inspecting me it seemed.  " And what's your name?" she said, slowly, like she wasn't used to talking. " Finn," I responded. "Just Finn."  "Well, just Finn", she said, "Who are you?" Then she swung from the branch and landed, catlike, on a rock. She smiled at me once more, and ran into the green silence of the woods.

I slid down, clumsily in comparison to Willow, and brushed the bark off my clothes. My head spun from all the information. Who was she? And why did she choose me to talk to?

The End

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