He looks lost, I can't help but watch him avidly. He keeps twisting around, looking all around-asorbing these surrounding, his perfectly shaped face furrowed in fustration. He checks...I don't know. He keeps checking this small box shaped thing as if waiting for it to do something. Is it a weapon?As I survey I see some sadness creeping into his deep caramel eyes. I can't reach him to help him, I'm trapped in such a place that I haven't seen a single being in, well, I don't know how long. My heart is torn, yet I have no idea why. The instant hit of sorrow is overwealming me and I have no idea how to react.   

He turned- I ducked. But too late he saw me.I scrambled up the nearest tree, alas I was followed me into the cursed place- the place where time has vanished. He followed me up the tree, moving silently upwards yet inexperienced as he nearly fell.  I reached to help him, my muddy arm looked out of place with his slight tanned arms. He grabbed it gratefully as I helped him upwards. He sat oppisite me in the canopy of the tree. I crouched there silently, still surveying the stranger in front of me and he seemed to survey me.

After what seemed like a life time, he whispers"Who are you?"

My answer, I don't know.

The End

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