The Place Time ForgotMature

This is a little story between me and LostAtSea; a little bit of Protagonize Tennis :) Do let us know if you enjoy, or want to make an improvement or whatever. Have fun!

I was advised by my psychologist to write a diary. I think it's an awful idea, but if my parents are insistent on ensuring I do everything she says, I may as well write something meaningful.

I was told to write of my life, the normal, boring everyday one. My dreams for the future. But what use is that, when I only have one interesting story to tell?

So, my avid reader (or Doctor Flannigan) I'm going to break the rules, and tell you the story that was never supposed to be told. I don't have much to aid me, except scraps of paper and my memories, but I need to let it out, before it eats me alive.

My biggest secret, my darkest daydreams.

Her name was Willow. Willow of the woods. 

And I couldn't save her.


The End

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