Red Hook is on his own, he may have saved you, but you need to get off this boat. Continue searching for a signaling device.

Turning your attention back to the toolbox, you rummage through it for another minute or so before finding a small saw.  The blade is polished to a mirror-like brightness; it has probably never been used. Yes -- this should work.

You hide the saw under your shirt the best you can so the rest of the crew doesn't notice.  Every so often, you glance in the direction of the ship to make sure it's still in sight.  After a while, you find yourself alone on this end of the deck, while the rest of the crew is busy doing chores elsewhere.  Seizing the opportunity, you pull out the saw and hold it out so that it catches the bright Caribbean sunlight off its polished blade.

But you have only been reflecting the sunlight for a few seconds before hearing a gruff voice behind you: "What are you DOING, boy? "  A powerful hand grabs your shoulder and hurls you to the deck, the saw flying out of your hands.  Looking up, you see the massive silhouette of John Barlow, the ship's carpenter, looming above you.  With the sun at his back, you can't see his face, but with a terrifying mug like his, that's just as well.

"You heard me!  What were you doing with my saw?"

The End

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