Leap for the torch and throw it on the gunpowder.

In your best adventuresome voice, you shout "No, but YOU are!" and kick the torch toward the gunpowder.  Wide eyed, the deckhand turns to run, but doesn't make it very far as the barrels blow and he gets jettisoned into the air. 

Instantly, the deck is engulfed in flames, and the dark, acrid smoke seems to erupt from everywhere.  Coughing, you make your way to the stern and look for a defensive position - also known as a "hiding spot."

Stealing a glance out to sea, your heart leaps with joy as the ship you were trying to signal has definitely turned in your direction.  It's only a matter of time now, as the pirates are trying to put out the fire and no one except the deck hand, who is nowhere to be seen, knows your involvement.

"Ship, ahoy on starboard!" rings out, as one of the pirates finally notices the oncoming ship.  You peek around the corner of a box and see Red Hook glaring, then he turns and shouts something to his men that you can't quite make out.  Within a minute, you see them stringing up a Union Jack flag to declare their allegiance to the King.

"Uh oh," you think, "they might be able to squeak out of this after all, by pretending they are a normal merchant vessel."  What do you do now?

The End

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