Set fire to the pirate's ship to cause a diversion, and to signal your rescuers.

Having been on the boat for so many days, there wasn't much you didn't know about it.   Trying to be subtle as possible you move over toward one of the cannons while continuing to mop the deck.   With great care, you move aside a couple kegs of gunpowder obviously intent on swabbing where they had previously been.

A deck hand walks by and kicks you hard in the thigh.  He bellows, "What the hell are you doing, boy!"   You quickly say, "The Mate asked me to make sure every square inch is done.  I don't wanna miss a spot, mister!"   He boots you again and you purposefully crash into the powder keg sending it rolling toward a mast with a trail running out from it. 

"Hey... are you up to something?"  the deck hand asks.  The powder is out and a torch is nearby.

The End

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