Jump into the water and hope you can swim fast enough to catch their attention.

Quickly, you look around to see if anyone is watching you.  Luckily, it's a very hot day and most of the crew are under cover trying to catch a few winks.  The sea and wind are calm, and everyone is resting.

You hoist yourself up on the rail, and do your best to slip into the ocean below as quietly as possible.  Unfortunately for you, you forgot just how high above the water you were, and you make a last minute twist to try to dive into the water head-first.  You succeed only in catching your midsection full on the water, making a giant "KER-SPLOOSH" as pain explodes in your stomach.

You try swimming under water for a few dozen feet to get away from the boat unseen, but you simply don't have the air in your lungs.  As you pull your head up for breath, you hear the sound of a musket booming overhead.  Glancing up, you see the first mate hastily reloading his pistol while shouting "The boy's getting away! Drop a boat now!"

That's enough to put the fear into you and you break out, ignoring your pain, into a full sprint - swimming faster than you've ever swam in your life.  You aren't making much headway though, and you know its only a matter of time before they catch up to you.

Suddenly, you see a silver shape swimming around you!  In a panic, you think you've been spotted by a shark, but then a playful face pops up out of the water.  It's a dolphin!  Perhaps this is your lucky day?  You might be able to have the dolphin pull you to safety.  But, do you really trust a beast?  What if it tries to drown you or bite you?


The End

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