Grab a piece of shiny metal and try to signal the ship.

You start searching around the deck, but you can't find anything shiny enough.  Frustrated, you keep checking the horizon to make sure the other ship is still there, and work your way further to the aft of the ship.

As you pause to search through some supplies in a toolbox near a window, you hear voices on the other side of the wall talking in very low voices.

"I think we should do it tonight." one voice whispers urgently.

"Don't know.  He's been pretty wary lately, I think he knows something is up!" a second voice answers.

"Yes, but he's gone soft that old Red Hook," says a third voice, "he's not the man he used to be.  I think our best chance is tonight - otherwise, we'll hit port at Santiago and who knows what he'll do then.  Agreed?"

All three voices mutter assent and you are stunned.  Is someone planning a mutiny?!  Maybe you should tell Red Hook now, and he'll be so happy that he'll let you go!  On the other hand, you aren't entirely sure who was plotting and scheming - what if you get it wrong?

The End

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