The Piper Children

the year is 3012 and like always the world is in chaos. After numerous attempts{ and failures} to save humanity. The government finally accepts the help of a mysterious being. Who calls himself The Piper and agreed to help the world find peace. In en-change they must give him 1 thousand dollars as a payment. But the United Nations didn't want just peace they wanted more . Much more. But what they didn't remember was that everything had a price. And so the World owes 1 billion to The Piper who ne

“Your children are not dead. They are just waiting until the world deserves them.” – Robert Browning

She was afraid and she was so tired of it. Her small figure trembled in the dark as she made her past her angry father, walking into the dimly lit bathroom.

Locking the Door behind her, she dared not to make a sigh. She was sick of being tired, sick of waking up sleepy.

Sick of wondering where the next blow will be, sick of living with him. But most of all she was sick of herself, for not standing up, for letting the whole in her heart grow, for getting so cold.

She was sick and tired of being afraid. She past her hand against the shower screen and the water turned on to the perfect temperature, she stood silently as hot pellets of water stroked her body like rainfall. Her tears joined them on their journey, forming an endless river of water.

She hated her showers, the water was perfect but it was mixed with a thousand chemicals. And before she was ready to leave her happy abyss, a cloud of steamy poision would fill her lungs, making her cough on the very air.

What was his problem?

She was used to his short temper but that did not to relieve her constant confusion. Worst of all, she felt nothing but apathy for him, her one and only father.
Sighing she let her thoughts drift off into the night, to the sound of streetcars sputtered nauseous goo on the streets and took off into the air and the voices of distant families. Life was hard. 
But at least she was alive. 
Stepping out of her bath, she wrapped a towel around her and crept across the living room to her bedroom.

As she settled herself into bed, outside a figure stood , dressed in red and yellow, in the middle of the street, and suddenly everything went quiet.

The cars slowed down, the strays hide in the shadows and the air was alive with the sound of sleeping children. He raised his arm; the air brushed against the pale blond hair that hung over his forehead.

A flute rested near his lips and with a deep breath, he played a sweet melody that echoed through the night. Sneaking into homes and under doors to sleeping ears, it dragged the children, hand in hand, through the night.

When The Piper demands a payment, the Piper receives a payment.

The End

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