The Mad

Eyes in the dark stared unblinkingly at the figure in the doorway.

"You're to be let out," sounded the figure's voice, sighing, "Master's orders. God knows what he's thinking of though, even if you have said you're not going to hurt anyone. You are his brother, I suppose."

The darkness receeded into a corner until only the patch where the eyes were remained. Then it took began to swirl into the eyes, not unlike water going down two plugholes, revealing that those eyes - those strange eyes - owned a body. The body very definately belonged to the eyes, not the other way around. An uneasy aura surrounded it, replacing the darkness and the eyes' body stood up sharply. The other figure turned to leave.

"Wait. What about the straightjacket? You haven't undone it yet," A mouth joined the eyes in being visible. A mouth with strangely hypnotic white teeth. Bright white. The other figure noted this, but didn't understand why of course.

He took steps forwards carefully, approaching the body with caution. It turned round, showing the buckles that fastened the device together. With ease, the figure unbuckled them and let the straightjacket slide to the floor. The body stood up, stretching its rather weedy arms. It had been bound in the straightjacket for a while, so this was of little concern to the other man and he turned away, deciding to leave the cruel padded cell. But he never would. The suffocating hand that now crushed his throat would make sure of that. A gargling came from his lips, followed by froth which quickly turned red. The hand released him, letting him fall into the darkness that now pooled below him, engulfing him, feeding upon him until there was nothing left. The body called the darkness to it and it came like an obedient hound. The teeth grinned and then they followed the eyes away...

The End

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