The Cheat

Nalwin hit the ground with a dull thud that forced the air out of his lungs. He swivelled around on the ground, turning to face the flushed, angry face of the inkeeper.

"What did I do?" He asked, affecting shock

The innkeeper threw a pack of cards from his hand at the face of the young man before him and then returned to his work, slamming the heavy oak door behind him. Nalwin's face contorted into a grimace as the multiple aces of each suit floated gently to the cold street around him. Maybe he should've been less conspicuous? Would fewer aces among the other cards have made the pack that had been up his sleeve look less obviously like cheating? He doubted it.

Suddenly the door was forced open again and the livid face returned, the hand of the innkeeper thrusting a reciept in his face. Oh dear. They expected him to pay? He picked himself up and reached into his pocket, picking out a golden coin, and then handed it to the bemused man. Nalwin smirked as he turned, the man had probably never seen so much money in his life. Not that it was real of course, that would be a terrible waste of his hard earned cash. Not necessarily legitimately earned cash, he conceded, but he'd worked hard for it all the same: it was strenuous keeping such a straight face when his opponents were so terrible at cards. Maybe he should teach them one of these days? Then of course, they'd beat him and all his money would be lost very quickly. Perhaps it wasn't such a good idea after all.

An angry shout reached his ears and he turned around to see the innkeeper, irate and murderous, chasing towards him, fists raised. Nalwin's face twisted into an expression of horror and he quickly turned on his heels and fled. He hadn't expected the man to have seen through the fake gold so easily. A sigh escaped his lungs: people were far too wary these days. What had got them so worked up? A call came from the balcony above him and although he was being pursued, Nalwin couldn't help but look up at the lady standing there. She blew him a kiss, winked and then beckoned to him. He knew her well of course but luckily her husband was utterly oblivious to Nalwin's existance. However, now was not the time. He forced himself to remember he was being chased by a psychotic barman and picked up the pace, despite the temptation that stood on the balcony...

The End

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