The Pilgrim

"...It's really not that bad," the man continued, "I mean, at least not for this time of year anyway,"

His friend looked away, unconvinced and uninterested by his ramblings about the weather. It didn't matter anyway. They'd have to travel this road whatever the weather was like, be it rain, shine, or otherwise. Something caught his eye. A cart? Yes. Finally, their long wait had paid off. He alerted the other man to this with a point of his arm. Now to see if their disguise paid off.

They approached the cart with an air of authority and confidence, as patrols do and as they drew nearer, they saw the driver, a hunched figure, their face obscured by their brown hood. A pilgrim by the looks of him.

"Pilgrim!" The first man shouted, "Halt your cart! Nothing to worry about, we just need to do a routine inspection!"

The opening of the hood swivelled around to face them and nodded, wordlessly halting the cart as they advanced. The pilgrim raised his hands as if to say "I have nothing to hide, go ahead".

"Thank you for being so co-operative," said the first man as he drew close.

Suddenly, his face turned to a malicious grin and he whipped out a dagger, throwing it at the stranger. As he did this, the other man drew his sword and the pilgrim leaned backwards to avoid the knife. It caught on his hood, ripping it backwards to reveal his face. Or at least, most of it. The messy charcoal black hair that grew from the pilgrim's head swished in front of one eye and the other was surrounded by a metal cage-like mask. Shock, unlike the men had expected, was not written on his face, but rather he portrayed mere annoyance. The first man recoiled at this, he certainly hadn't expected to come across a traveller like this, but he gritted his teeth and whipped out another knife in defiance.

"Your money or your life, Pilgrim" he demanded, "Just because our disguise didn't work quite as well as we wanted doesn't mean that you're going to survive this encounter,"

The stranger stared at him and then sighed, aggrovated.

"Bandits," He muttered, "Typical."

He flicked his wrist at one of the men and he collapsed. His friend stood gaping in horror as a void opened inside the man, pulling him apart and then sucking him in. He looked at the now evilly grinning cart driver and was about to throw his second knife at him when he met a similar fate. The cart horses, seemingly undisturbed by this, once again started to move...

The End

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