The Dark Side Has Cookies That You Could Eat, But Don't.

Some other things about 7th g rade, or even middle school all together, that you may not know is that there are many people with problems. Like eating disorders and self hurt or suicide problems. These people seem to be attracted to me. I'm down with that. I love helping them. It's quite interesting. Now, I know what you're thinking, "That will never happen to me! I don't know anyone like that!" But frankly, my dear reader, that's exactly what I said. Now, as far as eating disorders go, four of my friends don't eat breakfast, four don't eat lunch, at at least one has to be forced to wat anything at all. Mostly they get by by drinking energy drinks, chewing gum, or sleeping. Yeah, skipping one meal only once won't hurt you, but what if you just shrug it off? What if you continue to skip meals? That's how it always starts. The people around school telling you that you're fat, or ugly, or unlovable doesn't help either. That's when you become too emotionally distressed to eat. Those kinds of people push people like me to the brink of insanity.

People also cut themsleves. People at my school call it being EMO. I have many a friend who do this to themselves, and to be honest, I don't mind. Sure, it's not good, and sure there are many risks to slicing your skin open with whatever you can find (people I know use everything from thumbtacks to cuticle trimming blades) but as long as there is someone there for them, you can only hope they stop. Trying to get ge them help is usually futile. The people I know who cut are the kind of people who don't want help unless they ask for it. I am the person my friends feel comfortable talking to instead of a therapist, because they know I won't tell a soul. I take that to a prideful level, being trsuted by someone so broken, because they know I will never leave them.  And as of 12/14/09, my dear friend stopped cutting. He has scars from wrist to shoulder, over two hundred, but he has stopped. And that's what matters. He stopped for his grilfriend, whom he is still with to this day. I thank her for her patience with thim.

The End

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